Best and worst of week 1

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Best and worst of week 1

Post  Banjo on 2016-07-01, 12:53

Best And Worst Of Big Brother 18 Week 1
By: Branden | July 1, 2016 at 11:30 AM EDT

That was a long first week of Big Brother 18. From Glennís premiere eviction all the way up to Jozeaís live eviction, we had a lot to take in but weíre finally ready for our first installment of this seasonís Ewws & Ahhs (the best and worst moments of the week on Big Brother).

Since this is our first installment, weíre going to dip back a bit, so some of this might seem like old news. Oh, and I should tell you that some of these also might come from the Live Feeds, so if you donít have the Live Feeds get yours now! You can also check out our Live Feeds updates.
Anyway, letís get to the Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 18 Week 1!
Ahh! No Battle of the Block. I canít not include this. I am still thrilled this ďfan favoriteĒ twist is no longer a part of our summer.
Eww! Theyíre playing in teams. I wouldít mind this twist if I thought it actually worked. It kind of worked in Season 11 and in Season 14 it didnít last long enough to work. And already this season the teams mean nothing.

Ahh! Road Kill Twist. I like this twist. Itís basically the MVP twist but without trusting America to 1. Do the right thing or 2. Not mistakenly vote the MVP as the third nominee like you did Elissa in Season 15.
Eww! Jozeaís Messiah Complex. Weíve seen A LOT of delusional Big Brother players in the past 18 seasons, but Iím not sure any have been as delusional as fast as Jozea. From comparing himself to Jesus to President Obama, Jozea was hardly a Big Brother expert. I mean he thinks †the Season 13 winner is Rachael Ray.

Ahh! The House is Split. You gotta love a season when the house is split down the middle. We havenít gotten to see that in so long because of the disgusting Battle of the Block. Hereís to hoping that the vets and company donít ruin all of our fun this summer by dominating week after week.

Eww! The HGs Get Personal. We love drama and game bickering, but if Big Brother 15 taught us anything, itís that you can go too far. And this season has already crossed into BB15 territory. You havenít seen it on the episodes yet, but if youíve got the Live Feeds, then you know that weíve heard the guys wanting to punch the girls in their faces, the girls wanting to knock each othersí teeth out and Bronte wanting to ship James, who isnít Chinese, ďback to Hong Kong.Ē Not impressed by some of these HGs and Bronte should be ashamed of herself. Itís obvious some of them havenít seen BB15 or been informed of the number of HGs who lost their jobs from their on-camera statements.
Ahh! Jozea is evicted. I mean he had first boot written all over him. And thereís some poetic justice here when you consider how great he thinks he is.

Eww! Jozea is evicted. I hate to contradict myself, but this guy was actually pretty entertaining. Sure, it was a cringe-worth entertainment, but we like that or we wouldnít be Big Brother fans. Am I right or am I right?
Ahh! The Battle Back. I love this twist. I know itís basically Redemption Island, but itís better than sending people off to sequester, or jury as weíve seen in recent seasons, and then let them all battle at once. I like this idea much better.
Eww! Big Brother Fans Who Are Never Happy. Hear me out on this. I love you guys and Iím glad youíre reading, but some Big Brother fans are just never happy. Nothing the show gives us or does is enough. I see this mostly on Twitter, but it also shows up on other platforms. So many Big Brother fans hate all the houseguests, all the twists, all the season outcomes. They hate it all. So my question is why do those people watch? Some people just like to complain, and Big Brother allows that. I say enjoy the show! Unless complaining about the show is how you enjoy it. If thatís the case then who am I to tell you to stop complaining?

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