BB day 24

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BB day 24

Post  Banjo on 2016-07-10, 16:47

So we'll see all this on tonight's CBS show except the veto comp that we'll see tomorrow.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Weekend Round-Up – Week 3
By: Matthew Boyer | July 10, 2016 at 3:15 PM EDT

Houseguests have been busily competing away this weekend for Big Brother 18 as spoilers from the Live Feeds reveal a lot of activity and results that you’ll want to catch up on heading in to the week.

Since Thursday night’s Big Brother eviction episode we’ve had nominations, the Roadkill comp and nomination, and even the Power of Veto competition. Find out what you’ve missed and what’s coming up next for the Houseguests.
Big Brother 18 Spoilers – Week 3 Round-Up:
Nominations: Bridgette won HoH which means Team Frank is safe so everyone else was fair game. She ended up picking Paul, the weekly pawn it seems, and Tiffany, Frank’s main target. While the Evict-Frank alliance was disappointed he wasn’t vulnerable this week they seemed to be satisfied that they weren’t the targets for a change. Read more >>
Roadkill Comp: Yet again Frank pulled off the RK win. He decided not to keep it secret and shared the news with most of the HGs he feels are on his side of things. HGs have mentioned it was some sort of recognition or musical something or another. We’ll have to wait and see in Sunday’s episode. Either way, Frank is showing again just what a comp beast he can be. Read more >>
Roadkill Nomination: Frank already had his target, Tiffany, on the Block so now he needed a pawn that would be a good back eviction plan in case Tiff escaped with the Veto. That choice became Bronte, Frank’s next in line for elimination. Bronte doesn’t know who put her up, but Natalie does thanks to James, so that may eventually get back to her. Then again, Bridgette still doesn’t know that Frank nom’d her in Week 1 with the RK. Read more >>
Have-Nots: Team Nicole took over for Team Day in the Have-Not room. That’s Nicole, Corey, and Tiffany on Slop duty this week. They’ll also have popcorn and peanuts to enjoy while balled up in their bumper car beds. Corey has mentioned that production won’t let him sleep on the floor despite being 6’5″ and sharing the same amount of sleeping space as 4’11” Natalie. Go figure.
Power of Veto Comp: Looks like we’ve got the return of the exploding colors comp this week for the PoV battle. Tiffany needed this win to ensure her safety. She didn’t get it. Bridgette actually managed to pull off the Veto victory and can redo her noms at this point if she wants. On the downside for Bridgette, she injured her ankle while celebrating after the comp. She’s on crutches at this point, but says the ankle sprain is feeling better. Read more >>

It was a clean sweep week for Team Frank as they hold all the power. So what happens next? Veto Ceremony is on Monday and Bridgette is currently planning to leave noms the same. She could take Bronte down, but Natalie suspects she’ll be put up in exchange since it’d be up to Frank. She told Bridgette and Bronte that’d be fine, but both agreed that it’s better to leave things as they are.
From there we’ll press on to Thursday night’s eviction where it looks like Tiffany will be voted out unless something big arrives during the week, which it still could. Then with the next HoH comp Frank will be in danger again and he still probably won’t realize it. He could soon enough though.

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