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Big Brother 18: They Said What? Week 3
By: Branden | July 12, 2016 at 12:38 PM EDT

It’s been quite the week in the Big Brother 18 house as alliances are shifting and power kind of changed hands so that means another week of ridiculous or just plain funny things said in the Big Brother house.

First up this week we’ve got Frank. This one falls into the clueless category. “I’m in a pretty good spot right now,” Frank says to the cameras as he sits alone. “Much better than I was my last season when everyone wanted me out.” Poor guy has no idea he only has Bridgette.
Now it’s time for a little bit of Paul Philosophy. “You can only shoot in my cereal so many times before I’m like, well i guess i’m eating a shoot cereal today,” Paul says, referencing the fact that he’s been nominated every week.
One of the most talked about moments this week was Bronte’s HUGE reveal to the other spy girls. She pulled them to the HOH room and told them she was ready to spill her guts. In dead-grandma tears she reveals “I’m the secret nerd.” And they all jump on the bed. Seriously.
And finally we’ve got Nicole making an appearance. Her quote isn’t as funny as the situation. Paul decides to one-up James and scare the girls. He does such a good job that Nicole literally pees her pants. And it’s on the floor and the guys have to avoid stepping in it. She runs to the bathroom screaming “Oh my God I peed my pants.” I wish I was making this up.
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Big Brother 18: Nicole Flip Flops Again On Taking Out Da’Vonne
By: Matthew Boyer | July 12, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

Nicole Franzel can’t seem to make up her mind with what to do about Da’Vonne Rogers, a fellow Vet HG on Big Brother 18. One day Nicole trusts her, the next she wants her out. Now we’re back at the latter in a talk yesterday with Frank.

Speaking privately with Frank we watched as Nicole expressed long standing concerns with Da’Vonne and Frank continued to try and build their trust between each other for what needs to be done next.
Flashback on your Live Feeds to 4:08PM 7/11 Cams 1/2. Get the Free Trial now to watch.
Nicole is telling Frank that she’s worried about Da’Vonne. Actually she just hints around at who it is since she’s worried about saying Day’s name out loud. Nicole is that fearful of plotting against her.
Frank says if they’re going to get Da’Vonne out then it needs to be done fast because if she discovers it was them and then gets to Jury it’ll damage their chances at winning.
Despite what’s been going on around him Frank remains unaware and suggests that Da’Vonne probably wouldn’t put him up. He asks Nicole what she thinks about that. Nicole lies and dodges the question. She knows Day wants Frank up and out.
Frank also tells Nicole that Da’Vonne told him at the start of the season to go to Nicole and propose a F2 deal to block Nicole from trying to make one with James. Nicole speculates Day might have wanted her own F2 with James instead. Frank counters that Day was more concerned Nicole would be the “New Meg” and cause problems for them down the road. Nicole says she won’t be anyone’s Meg and she’s here to play.
Nicole is on board with targeting Da’Vonne and getting her out soon. In fact, Nicole says she’s been worried about Da’Vonne since Day 3 in the house. She is cautious though and adamant that Frank not include her name in any talks with other HGs when proposing this idea.
Nicole isn’t sure how to best get Day out, but Frank says he knows. Roadkill. He wants to use the secret nom to make this happen. Frank believes he could get numerous HGs to use the RK nom against Da’Vonne if it’s not one of them who wins it.
Interesting comment here from Frank. He says he was getting worried about Da’Vonne but then she came to him with details about Tiffany being after him. Remember that the whole Fatal Five plotted against Frank but then Day lied and pitched it to Frank as something that Tiffany was doing on her own. Frank says this suddenly changed his perspective on Da’Vonne and he thought he could trust her. However, when he saw how upset she was on not getting HoH this past week he became very suspicious as to why she needed that power this round.
As an interesting takeaway from Nicole’s side of things, this entire conversation is an opportunity for her to tell Frank what she knows. That Day wanted Frank out and she lied about Tiffany. Of course the problem with telling Frank that is she was in on the FF and would be implicated as a result. There’s so much Nicole could confirm regarding Frank’s fears, but she doesn’t. Instead she continues to linger in the middle with the chance to pivot to which ever side takes action first. Or maybe she lingers long enough to get burned by both sides when they realize what she’s been saying and doing.
What do you think of Nicole’s continued back and forth on her Da’Vonne stance? One conversation she’s fearing Day and the next she regrets having ever doubted Day. One of these weeks she’s going to have to make up her mind. Which way do you think she will finally settle on going?

Big Brother 18: Is Natalie Playing James? [POLL]
By: Matthew Boyer | July 12, 2016 at 10:15 AM EDT

Big Brother 18 has offered up several showmances and flirtmances so far this season but one that’s seem to be caught in limbo is an interesting pairing between Natalie Negrotti and James Huling. Is it real or is it strategy on Natalie’s part?

James is ridiculously girl crazy and just like we saw last season when he followed Meg around like a puppy dog we’re getting it again this summer with him and Natalie. After a brief stint with Victor, which Natalie continues to obsess over, we’re now seeing her focused on James and making lots of comments on the situation.
Natalie speaks well of James when he’s not around as she’s told Bronte and Bridgette how grateful she is to have him watching out for them. She’s also mentioned how she likes “chubby guys” and she’s more interested in caring, sweet personalities then traditional “good looks”. So is she being sincere with James or is it a game move to keep her going in the house?
Last night on the Live Feeds, Flashback to 3:14 AM BBT 7/12 (get the Free Trial to watch), Paulie, Zakiyah, and Paul were discussing what was going on here between James and Natalie. Paul wonders if they’re going to have a problem when it comes time to get rid of Natalie. He mentions how James becomes fully occupied when Natalie enters the room.
Paulie and Zakiyah discuss how Natalie explained the ways to flirt and how she’s now doing those very things with James. Paulie says they’re going to have to split that up before it drags James down because they like James and don’t want him to get hurt.
Paulie explains that if James is so distracted by Natalie then he won’t see someone coming after him until it’s too late. So if they want to keep James fighting with them they need to end what she’s doing to him.
All three agree that Natalie would use James to further her game in a pinch, but he would never “throw her under the bus” to help his own game. Yeah, I’d at least have to agree with the latter. Whether or not Natalie is sincere in her interest, I do see this as potentially damaging to James’s game.
Paul believes the real danger is for them as she could use James’s infatuation to control him and convince him to take shots at her targets just by suggesting it to him.
What do you think of all of this? Did Natalie really make the leap from Victor to James? She does spend a lot of time with James and I’ve yet to hear her disparage him in private, but it does seem suspicious and opportune at times for her to be taking advantage of this situation. I can’t quite decide. Can you? Vote in our poll below and share your thoughts on the James & Natalie showmancing.

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