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Big Brother 18: They Said What? Week 4
By: Branden | July 19, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

It’s been quite the week in the Big Brother 18 house. Tensions flared, alliances crumbled, blindsides were made and showmances cracked. So that means we’ve got plenty of ridiculous things that the HGs said this week to look back on.

We’ve got double shot of Nicole this week because she’s been having some of her most ridiculous moments ever in the Big Brother house. Not only is she playing the exact game she played last time, she’s in deeper than last time. After claiming she was not going to make the same mistake she did with Hayden, the girl is in tears over Corey simply because he was in a bad mood and did make eyes at her.

Better yet is her paranoia. She has even compared Michelle to Christine from her season, saying she has glasses and they both wear bracelets (I kid you not). “What if she’s secretly playing for Christine to get me back,” she said to Corey.

Speaking of throwing away your game for a guy, we’ve got the Cabbage Patch Kid herself Bridgette who is still under Frank’s spell. “The women in the house sort of made me feel I was hanging out with a guy that belittles women,” Bridgette told Frank. And just to be clear, Frank has called Day a slut, called Zakiyah a hussy, has made fun of Nicole’s and Zakiyah’s weight and slapped Day on her butt.

Next up is Tiffany, who has said a lot of interesting things this week. She does need to work on some of her cliches, but it’s fun to see her finally letting loose on the HGs who have been against her all season, like Paulie, whom she says needs to “Calm his little nipples.”

And finally, we’ve got Paulie, who is a mixture of Derrick and Cody, without Derrick’s finesse. “Frank, I’m coming after you because you know what? I was bred for this shi*t and don’t do that fake-ass wrestling your daddy did ..” Paulie says in a practice speech he’ll never give (that’s the part of him that’s like Cody).

Big Brother 18: Counting The Votes In Week 4 [POLL]
By: Matthew Boyer | July 19, 2016 at 10:00 AM EDT

Eight votes are out in the mix this week on Big Brother 18 as the Houseguests prepare to send one of them nominees out the door, but it might not be the last we see of them with the latest twist looming on the horizon.

Paulie counts the votes this week on BB18

Paulie has made his goal for the week perfectly clear and so has Frank, but too many in between them are lying to one of these guys and on Thursday the next vote will reveal what looks to be a done deal.

Eight Houseguests will head inside the Diary Room on Thursday night so if they want to avoid the tie-breaker going to Paulie then either campaign will need five votes to lock in their safety. Right now that doesn’t look good for Tiffany.

Paulie wants Tiffany gone and has been quite vocal about that. If the tie goes to him then Tiffany heads on out the door and off to the Battle Back arena. Frank thinks he might be able to avoid that, but his confidence is based on a lot of fake smiles.

Right now Frank has his vote along with Bridgette’s for a solid two. Nicole and Corey have been busily flip flopping as both say they want Da’Vonne gone then roll back over to saying they’ll try for her another week. Let’s say they flip back to Frank’s side of things then that’d be only four votes and still not enough.

I see Tiffany’s road to redemption pass through Jamestown, but that’s not to say he will, just that it’s their best shot. James got burned by the last minute (night) flip that sent out his teammate Bronte. Natalie is his last teammate and she’s on the Block but currently in zero danger. James has felt marginalized by the 5-HG showmance alliance and that’d be the wedge to use against him voting to Paulie’s wishes. Again, I’m not saying it’ll happen, but that’s where they could find their fifth vote.

Votes that won’t be flipping include Michelle, Paul, and Zakiyah. They are solid for Paulie’s wishes against Tiffany, but Frank doesn’t see it.

Frank talked with Michelle last night (Flashback to 6:40PM BBT 7/18) about joining their vote. Michelle was busy lying through her teeth while Frank appeared to be believing everything she said. Michelle told him she just couldn’t give him her vote against Da’Vonne this week, but next week sure. She says she doesn’t like Tiffany and wants her gone. Plus she says she doesn’t want to be the only one voting out Day. Frank says she’d be the fifth or sixth vote so Michelle says “oh, okay, sure then.” Nah. There’s no way she’s voting out Da’Vonne.

Paul has had similar smiles and nods with Frank after their talk the other day. Paul seemed slightly interested in the idea after talking with Frank, or at least he was willing to consider it, but Paulie shut that down. Paul is too excited to finally belong to a group that he won’t dare go against his new ally in Paulie. Paul is solid against Tiffany.

For some bizarre reason Frank once mentioned he thought maybe he could get Zakiyah’s vote against Day. Zakiyah. The one who spends her nights surgically attached to Paulie and has spent most of the season joined at the hip to Day. That Zakiyah. There isn’t a single chance that Frank can get her vote.

So if we add up Frank, Bridgette, Nicole, Corey, and James then we’ve got five and Da’Vonne is Da’Gone. But don’t expect it to happen. Nicole and Corey are now back to saying they’ll just get her next week and James doesn’t have a huge reason to get out Da’Vonne.

Undercutting Frank’s whole effort here is that no one has a big need to keep Tiffany. She isn’t a central ally and aside from her RK win this week she hasn’t been a comp dominator to entice them to keep her to better their chances. Instead the HGs will try to keep their heads down, avoid rocking the boat, and Tiffany will be voted out.

Right now I’d expect 6-2 against Tiffany if the vote were held today, but we’re still two days out from the eviction vote and we all saw what happened last week the night before the live show.

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