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BB day 39

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Frank could very well win POV and take himself off the block. Otherwise he's a good bet to be evicted on Thursday. POV later tonight.

Friday, July 22, 2016
'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Who Are the Week 5 HoH and Nominees?

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

Victor is back in the game on Big Brother 18. After being backdoored in week 2, the Puerto Rican Sensation won three competitions in a row to take the Battle Back belt and return to the house. But the live feeds were down all day Friday, so what is the status of the house now that he's back? And who are the new HoH and nominees?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

James won HoH.

He nominated Frank and Bridgette.

Well, the status quo is still in effect. James is working on behalf of everyone else, being the one to do what they've wanted to do for three weeks now. Obviously Frank is the target, with people already plotting to take out Bridgette next week.

It was an endurance competition lasting over five hours. It sounds like Da'Vonne and Bridgette both lasted a long time. James promised Bridgette she'd be safe, keeping his track record of false promises in endurance competitions. Natalie wanted him to honor it and nominate Frank with Victor, but she says Paulie made James put up Bridgette instead. James didn't want to make the house mad.

Frank seems in high spirits though, as do most of the other HGs. As soon as the live feeds came back, there was very little drama, just a lot of sitting around reflecting on things. Frank and Bridgette seem to STILL trust Paulie, talking to him about trying to get Da'Vonne backdoored this week. However, Paul is VERY MAD about having to talk to Frank and Bridgette and pretend to be nice to them.

One good thing to come out of this is that Natalie is pointing out to James that Paulie is acting like Frank's best friend and he's shocked about the nominations, even though Paulie told James that he had told Frank this was coming. Natalie is quite upset that Paulie is playing both sides and the house is just using James to do their dirty work.

If anyone was hoping for an exciting or action-packed week, sorry. It definitely seems like Frank is going home unless he wins PoV, and if he does, Bridgette will probably get evicted. Victor will almost certainly be the replacement nominee if the PoV is used.

The larger worry should be for the women. James, Paul, Paulie, Corey, Victor and Frank have all won competitions this season while Nicole and Bridgette are the only female HGs left who've won anything. That does not bode well for their future prospects, even if they take out Frank this week.

The first three to fall from the HoH comp are Have-Nots, and that's Michelle, Zakiyah and Nicole. They all fell quickly, with Natalie suspecting it's because they wanted to do it together and not get any blood on their hands.


-James, Nicole, Michelle and Zakiyah are the only HGs who have not been nominated yet. Michelle and Zakiyah have never been on the block AND haven't won anything.

-All six men left in the house have won at least one competition, either HoH, PoV or Road Kill. Zakiyah, Michelle, Da'Vonne and Natalie haven't won anything.

-This is Nicole's second time as a Have-Not this season. In season 16 she was a Have-Not three times, making her the only HG in the history of the game to be a Have-Not five different times.

-Zakiyah is only the 11th woman to ever be a Have-Not three times in one season.

-Paulie, Frank, Victor and Bridgette are the only remaining HGs who have not been Have-Nots. In fact, Frank was NEVER a Have-Not in season 14 as well.

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