BB day 59

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BB day 59

Post  Banjo on 2016-08-13, 16:51

Veto comp now underway, results shortly. Paulie and Corey are on the block. Eviction target is Paulie. If he doesn't win the POV he will very likely be evicted on Thursday. If Corey wins POV he will most likely use it on himself and Victor will have to nominate a replacement. Who that would be is not clear at this time.

‘Big Brother 18’: Veto Comp Plans In Week 8 – Update: Players Picked & Comp Underway
By: Matthew Boyer | August 13, 2016 at 1:00 PM EDT

After a big night on the Big Brother 18 Feeds we’ve got an even bigger day ahead with the pending Power of Veto comp and its implications for the rest of the week’s plans to go after a major target.

Update: Veto Comp is underway as of 1:17 PM BBT. Get our Big Brother App for a spoilers alert.

Corey comforts Paulie on Big Brother 18

The new Head of Household wasn’t holding back this week with his plans to turn on the alliance before its leader could do the same to him. Now that his cards are shown he’ll need to work with his own allies to lock up these nominations.

Victor pulled off the plan he created with Paul’s support and they’ve now got Paulie and Corey on the Block. Paulie is the current target with Corey as the back up. Victor is going to be fighting hard to win this Veto comp and keep Paulie in the hot seat. This is do or die for Paulie’s game.

There are only eight Houseguests left in BB18 and that means just two players won’t be participating. Several HGs are expecting this one to be Zingbot’s arrival and that’s got superfan Michelle very excited. She might not be so happy once it opens its digital trap though.

Victor as HoH will be playing along with Corey and Paulie as this week’s noms. If Corey draws a HG Choice then he will for sure pick Nicole. She’s the only other one in their three person alliance and if she won it then she would definitely save Corey with it. As for Paulie’s pick, I really don’t see anyone being a champion for his safety this week which means his best bet would be to pick a weaker competitor to effectively reduce the fight against him. I think he’d pick Natalie or Michelle.

Should Nicole be drawn or picked then Corey would have a 1:3 chance of a winner saving him so he could be better off than Paulie.

It will be unavoidable for Paulie and Corey that we’ll see at least one of James, Paul, Natalie, or Michelle competing and likely two of them as they make up four of the five potential add-ons. They would all be playing against Paulie and Corey with the goal of keeping noms the same, but if noms do change then Victor has a plan. So far he’s said he’ll put Michelle up on the Block and Paulie has said he thinks he has a chance of flipping the vote on her if that happens. He doesn’t.

If anyone other than Paulie wins today’s Veto then I’d say he’s a lock for eviction, but let me be a Debbie Downer and remind you of his Round Trip ticket with a 1:8 chance of returning to the game.

Now here’s more silly thinking from Paulie. If you Flashback to 7:08 PM BBT 8/12 Cams 3/4 then you’ll find Paulie and Corey bro’ing it up in the bathroom. Paulie is crying and tells Corey that if he wins then he’s going to save Corey instead. It’s basically that scene of out of any movie where one character knows he isn’t going to make it so he’s going to give his life (or Big Brother game here) up for the other guy. Corey sternly tells Paulie to stop talking like that and he won’t let him do it. Paulie continues to choke up and tears run down his cheek as they hug.

So, here we go with an exciting Power of Veto competition today for Big Brother 18. I’ve been watching the night-vision cameras this morning waiting to see if the Zingbot surprises them with a wake up call like we’ve seen in the past. Considering the heat of that costume they have to do Zingbot either really early or late at night. But again, there’s no reason to be sure it will be the Zing’s arrival today, that’s just speculation by some of the HGs.

We’ll keep an eye out for the players pick this morning as well and will update here with those results. Paulie has a heck of a comp record but if he continues to act defeated and the host of his pity party then he won’t have his head in the game to pull of this win. Do you think he’ll course correct and be ready to compete? His Big Brother game will be on the line.

Update: James, Paul, and Nicole were all picked to play. Pretty much as bad as the draw could go for Paulie. Nicole will save Corey while James and Paul (and Victor) would keep it the same. Paulie’s got some tough competitors in today’s Veto Challenge. Think he can pull off the save?

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