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BB day 61

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"Douche bag love !!" roflmao

But we'll have to wait until Thursday to see his eviction and the only 'entertainment' until then will be his potential crying jags. scratch

Sunday, August 14, 2016
'Big Brother 18' Recap: Does Paulie Lose It All After the Double Eviction?
Derek Stauffer

There's been a deciding factor in determining that Paulie's Big Brother 18 game has been a case study in lunacy. Though Paulie's grip on the house has been strong, it's not exactly like he's been playing a "good" game. It seemed inevitable that Paulie's bodacious swaggering and obnoxious bragging would blow up his game, but inexplicably, everyone bowed down to the player with increasingly more perplexing hair.

Now the moment has finally arrived. Paulie's Big Brother 18 "kingdom" is crumbling after the events that preceded and followed the Double Eviction. The results are as much Shakespearean as they are wildly entertaining. Sometimes, karma really is a bitch.

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The Road to Double Eviction

Before we can get into the events that followed the Double Eviction, Big Brother 18 travels back in time to the period before Zakiyah's eviction. Natalie goes to Zakiyah. In a conversation that is clearly (and heavily) edited, Natalie tells Zakiyah that Paulie really doesn't care about her. This is a fact that everyone who has spent any time watching Big Brother 18 knows. Zakiyah is shocked, however, and immediately goes to Paulie. When Paulie finds out, he reacts "poorly."

"Poorly" is a word that, here, means he is super aggressive, a misogynist and overall acts like a terrible person. Paulie begins to get very defensive and angry when telling Natalie that she is as "fake as the things on her chest" and a "Jersey girl." Paulie finds both these insults as clever as I find his sideburns gross, so a great deal. This leads to Natalie and Paulie having a full-on confrontation where Paulie gets only scarier and angrier. Faced with Paulie's irrational rage, Natalie remains calm like a perfect queen. One of them is coming off like a fool in this encounter, and it is not the "Jersey girl."

The only person besides Paulie who finds his terrifying tirade amusing is Corey. The rest of the house watch with horror (and Paul watches while eating Cheetos). Corey and Paulie couldn't be even more in douchebag love, and I couldn't despise them both any more.

What a Difference a Week Makes

After his fight with Natalie, Paulie is where he belongs, firmly in the house's bad graces. Leading the charge against Paulie is none other than Paul. This time two weeks ago, Paul and Paulie were introducing us to the horror that was the dreadfully named alliance PP. Now PP is dead and buried because Paul knows once and for all that Paulie has to go.

The one thing that hasn't changed, however, is that Victor remains a moronic puppet. At the HoH competition, Paul manages to last long enough to throw things to Victor. Once Victor wins HoH, Paul goes to work manipulating his new/old beefcake pawn. Luckily, Paul doesn't have to work too hard to put the screws into Victor to make him target Paulie.

Suddenly, Victor seems to remember that the entire reason he was evicted the first time was down to Paulie. Victor emphatically tells Paul that he has never forgotten this fact. This seems weird since nearly everything Victor has done since getting back inside the house is forget how he went out. Victor's last HoH nominations were determined almost solely on Paulie's wishes.

Forget it! Let's just chalk up Paulie's control on the house to a temporary collective hallucination and leave it at that. It's probably the only way I'll have a scintilla of respect left for the houseguests in the game who are not named Natalie.

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Super Whiny Safety

America, though, we got a beef. The next Care Package arrives, and its recipient is Nicole. Nicole gets Super Safety, which means she is safe for the entire week and cannot be put up on the block. Huh. This is a weird choice.

There are certainly worse people that this prize could have gone to, Paulie and Corey being the obvious ones. Yet it is really weird that Nicole somehow gets more votes than both Paul and Michelle. (Victor, Natalie and James are exempt.) The problem with Nicole getting Super Safety isn't so much the knowledge of knowing that there is no way she is going home this week; it's more the fact that Nicole getting Super Safety means we get even more of her talking whining than usual.

Nicole has to wear a humiliating outfit to accompany her safe status for the week. Though Nicole says she thinks she looks cute in the outfit, it's like most things Nicole says in the house -- a complete and total lie. Nicole screeching at a decibel that only dogs can hear upon finding out about her safety suit tells a very different (and more accurate) story.

Tears and Fears

Despite that disappointment, Victor ends up pulling through for us. Victor nominates Corey (who is, without explanation, wearing a Santa hat) and Paulie for eviction. Paulie is devastated. It's not for the reason you might think.

Paulie doesn't want to compete against the clear love of her jerkwad life, Corey. Paulie, who threw a hissy fit that the Big Brother house has rarely seen over the suggestion that he might not appreciate Zakiyah, completely loses it over being faced with eviction against Corey. Paulie breaks down the Diary Room with a crying face as ugly as his comments towards Natalie.

Since I fully expect the worst at all times, Paulie will most definitely have the Round Trip Ticket if he gets evicted. Still, all signs point towards him heading out the door. I hope the time between now and then is filled with more hilariously hideous bawling from the once (and hopefully never again) self-appointed Big Brother 18 king, Paulie.

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