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BB day 81

Post  Banjo on 2016-09-03, 15:22

If the whole point in applying to BB and getting picked as a HG is to have a chance to win the $500 K and then to voluntarily throw the chance away when you are pretty close to having a good chance........well, that's just crazy and this move on James' part will not win him any respect and certainly not another win as America's Favorite.....

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ĎBig Brother 18í Live Feeds: James Tosses His Game Away For Natalie
By: Matthew Boyer | September 3, 2016 at 4:00 PM EDT

James Huling has decided Natalie Negrotti is worth more to him than his chance at $500,000 as heís begun to plot and prepare for ways to throw away his game for her on Big Brother 18.

James Huling talks with Natalie Negrotti on Big Brother 18

Earlier today we saw Natalie visit with Victor and Paul to begin working her angles for making herself appear ready to move on and maybe even be an ally of theirs again if she survives the week. Now James is ready to help her lockdown those plans with moves of his own.

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 10:58 AM BBT 9/3 (get your Free Trial now).

James is laying with Natalie in their designated hiding spot, the London bedroom. Heís explaining to Natalie that she is on the Block this week because of him and to make sure he goes out the door without a chance for her to save him with the Veto.

Natalie tells James she isnít scared about getting voted out but he doesnít want to let that happen. ďMy mind is already made up. Itís set. Iím going home this week regardless. Iím sealing my own fate. Even if I win the Veto, the Veto is coming your way. Iíve already told everybody that,Ē says James. Natalie cuts him off and says she doesnít want him to use the Veto on her but James counters that heís ďmaking the situation right.Ē

Over the past few days weíve heard Natalie reminding James that he influenced her to flip on their deal with Victor and Paul only to ultimately land them in hot water with the pair. James is taking the blame here for Natalieís final decisions and now he wants to push her ahead on Big Brother 18 at the risk of his own game. So disappointing.

James continues again saying he messed up while Natalie is the one who is paying for it. Now we know Victor and Paul want James gone so if itís up to them theyíll happily oblige James here and send him on off to Jury, but he doesnít know that for sure and we even know that Nicole and Corey are going to angle for him to stay. Either way though heís ready to try and make his eviction happen.

James says that while most people would save themselves if they won the Veto and say screw Natalie, thatís not what heís going to do. Natalie points out that people back home are going to be so upset with him. Heck, I think a lot of people in general are going to be mad at him for doing that. I know Iíll be disappointed. Maybe James thinks this could get Natalie to leap in to his arms after the show or this move will earn him another Americaís Fav Player. I donít know, but itís quitting for sure as thatís exactly his intent with this attempt.

Itís his Southern code, says James. He did something wrong and needs to make it right. Grrr. Just stop. Such a disappointing attitude to take here. Itís a game. Natalie is a big girl and made her own choices. Theyíre both playing a game and heís not responsible for her stake in it. But hey, if she gets him to pull this off for her then good for her and shame on him.

Later James starts to tell Natalie that heíll start making public game threats that heís coming after each of them to encourage their vote against him. James points out that Nicole has been getting called out all season so he might as well pile on with another one. Natalie encourages the idea telling James that sheíd love to see him call them out like that. Iím sure she would.

Weíre still waiting on the Power of Veto competition later today and Iím very curious to see what happens. If James wins it will he really save Natalie and force a Nicorey renom? Iím sure heíd enjoy seeing that happen. Maybe James will try to throw it over to Natalie so he doesnít face that choice. Or maybe one of the other four will get it and weíll see more of James trying to fall on his sword to save Natalie.

What do you think of Jamesís plans here? Terrible game move or honorable decision? Are you surprised by James after everything weíve seen from him the past two seasons following the ladies around? Iím disappointed, but maybe itíll please some of the fans out there.

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