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BB day 84

Post  Banjo on 2016-09-06, 13:51

What this amounts to is that Jury members become very important for your game at this late stage. You could go to F2 with someone who seems unpopular with fans, etc., but if the jury members like them better than you, then sayonara, and you lose the $500 K. And it is true that Nicole will get few if any female jury votes. So with 5 females on the jury, out of 9, that pretty well seals it. What she does or can do about this will be interesting, but it sets up Victor or Paul for the win if they can come through the next few comps without total disaster.

Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Nicole & Corey May Be Flipping On Victor & Paul
By: Matthew Boyer | September 6, 2016 at 2:00 PM EDT

Are Nicole and Corey planning to flip on Victor and Paul after this week of Big Brother is over and they’re able to get their target, Natalie, out of the house and off to Jury? The pair may have just revealed their true plans in a late night strategy talk.

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18

Nicole and Corey were going through their expectations for the final few weeks of Big Brother 18 when Nicole notes her ideal Final 3. Guess what. It doesn’t involve the other half of her F4 alliance.

Flashback to 11:20 PM BBT 9/5 as Nicole and Corey sit in their usual, well worn corner bed. The couple has a pillow littered with candies they’re using to map out what’s coming up and when with their best guesses for the upcoming evictions and competitions.

When Nicole gets to the F3 point of the schedule she tells Corey that what she really wants is James there with them. She notes “I want this to be me, you, and James.” Corey has a big grin, agrees, and nods. Nicole worries “James would take you over me. That’s fine. You’re my two favorite boys anyways.” Corey counters, “you don’t know that” as he suggests maybe James would take her instead of him but Nicole isn’t buying it. Nicole suggests the Texas boys would stick together and dump her though Corey denies it.

Nicole tells him she would have a better chance going to F2 with James than she would against Corey and says that at least she’s honest with Corey. She then asks Corey if he’d be upset at her for evicting him at the end. Corey says he wouldn’t talk to her again if she did and it’s hard to tell if he’s joking or not though I imagine he’s trying to make sure she isn’t considering that plan.

Corey tells Nicole she’d win all the girls votes against him but Nicole says those are the votes she definitely wouldn’t have. As we looked at yesterday I don’t think Nicole could win and she’s right that she shouldn’t be expecting any votes from the women. I’m not sure a single one of them would vote for her. Even worse for Nicole’s chances is that she’s about to send the fifth woman to the Jury. A Jury with 9 people on it. 5 votes against her and she’s done. So, um, what’s her plan again?

Either way, since Nicole brought up the idea of cutting Corey and going to F2 with James she just might mean it. As we discussed earlier it is possible that James and Nicole had a preseason F2 deal between them as they’ve seemingly been together on back channels since the very start. Then when Natalie warned James not to work with Nicole or Corey after she was gone he was definitely worried.

Interesting stuff but going back to the main issue here, Nicole and Corey appear willing and interested in flipping on their F4 deal with Victor and Paul. If either of Nicorey win HoH this week then at least one of the Sitting Ducks would have to be nominated then they could make their move with the tiebreaker opportunity again. We could have an exciting and tense week ahead of us!

What do you think of Nicole and Corey’s consideration here to take James over either Paul or Victor on to the F3? Smart plan, bad move, or just playing dirty? Share your thoughts below.

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