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BB day 91

Post  Banjo on 2016-09-13, 11:43

This is big news if true, and it likely is.  It puts Nicole in a bad spot to make it to F2.

‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Won F4 HoH? Leak May Reveal Results
By: Matthew Boyer | September 13, 2016 at 7:30 AM EDT


The Big Brother 18 Live Feeds remain on blackout this morning as the game moves on inside with an eviction and at least the next Head of Household competition having taken place. Without the Feeds our usual source of spoilers is withheld and we’d have to wait for tonight’s episode unless word leaked. Well, guess what.

Okay, now these are Big Brother spoilers, but I also do have to caveat them as being rumored spoilers since I can’t personally verify them yet. However, I would not present these to you without a solid source and this source is about as solid and reliable as you can get. Read on if you want to know who may be our new Head of Household and first member of the BB18 Final Three.
With Corey as the outgoing HoH he was ineligible to compete which left the competition up to James, Nicole, and Paul. According to the excellent spoiler source of @MissCleoBB that new winner is none other than… Paul Abrahamian.

— MissCleoBB (@MissCleoBB) September 13, 2016
Yes, word is that Paul won HoH and if true, which I do trust this source to not throw trash out there and claim it to be true when it’s not, then we can expect him to nominate Corey and Nicole with James left on the sideline. This would break Nicole’s streak of avoiding the Block all season, which is still impressive enough for the first 12 rounds.
Paul winning HoH would mean he has secured himself a spot in the F3, but the real power this week is the Veto. The HoH has no chance of voting even if he wins the Veto, but would instead get to pick which one HG does the voting. If Nicole didn’t win the HoH comp and then neither her nor Corey wins the Veto, which will likely be held on Tuesday afternoon, then one of them will be evicted on Wednesday night. Remember that Tuesday’s eviction show was taped and so that evictee, Victor obviously if Paul is around to win HoH, is already gone.
We’ll keep watching for any more leaks or other details today, but general rumors on social media can be tricky as people love to throw stuff out there and see what sticks. I really do trust this source though as Miss Cleo has been at the BB spoilers game for a long time and has been extremely accurate.
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What do you think of these spoiler rumors? Would you be happen if Paul really did win or were you hoping to see the Sitting Ducks picked off two in a row? Who do you hope gets evicted next? Share your thoughts below then join us back here for tonight’s show at 8/7c to see the confirmed results.
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