BB day 93

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BB day 93

Post  Banjo on 2016-09-15, 14:56

And there we have it. Corey is evicted as expected and now Nicole, Paul, and James do the usual scheming as the Final 3. It looks like James is 'odd man out' and Nicole is doing a good job of navigating the always tricky waters at the end of the season.  Nicole and Paul as the Final 2 looks most likely, with Nicole not getting 5 of the female votes. With 9 Jury members that would throw the win to Paul.

One interesting thing in last night's recorded ep, was the confrontation in the Jury House between Paulie and Da'Vonne who hate each others guts.  Da'Vonne got so worked up that a producer or "in house" manager had to step on-camera and pull her away from Paulie before they came to blows. This is very unusual for any show runner or producer to be seen on-camera for any reason. I can't think of any time it's happened before.

Of course if a HG violates a sufficiently serious rule of the game such as destroying BB house property or physical threats to another HG, they are booted immediately. This has happened a couple of times in past seasons, but always off-camera. The producers call them into the DR, we don't see that, they are booted and never seen again.

In Da'vonne's case it looked and sounded like she was threatening Paulie although she was screaming so incoherently it was hard to tell. But when it looked like she might come to blows that's when the producer stepped in and pulled her away from Paulie. If she had hit him then they would have had to follow the rules and boot her. This would have caused major problems with the voting for the winner next week because they need an odd number of Jury House members to avoid a tie, and with Da'Vonne gone they would have had no way to accomplish that.

The fact that the confrontation occurred in the Jury House rather than the main BB house was why the producer had to step in. There are no provisions in the Jury House to handle such an event off camera without just killing the feed entirely which would have caused an uproar. And of course a little screaming, threatening confrontation is never bad for ratings as long as they keep it under control, which they did. two thumbs up

‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Nicole Franzel Working Her Final 2 Deals
By: Matthew Boyer | September 15, 2016 at 3:15 PM EDT

Last night when the first round of the Final Big Brother 18 HoH comp was over we saw more wheeling and dealing between the Houseguests as one seat in the third round had been filled and it was time for the other two HGs to make sure they were feeling good about their chances for reaching the Final 2.

Nicole is working hard on her deals with both Paul and James to put her nicely in the middle of the path to the finale showdown as one of her opponents is definitely taking her and the other one seems likely to make that move, but nothing is guaranteed so it was time for Nicole to get to work last night.
Flashback to 10:49 PM BBT 9/14 as Paul, winner of Round 1, and Nicole meet up to talk while James is in the shower.
Nicole says it looked like James threw the comp and Paul says James was certainly acting like he did but he doesn’t believe it since physical, not mental comps, are James’s specialty. Nicole asks Paul to not help James study for R2 and Paul says he definitely won’t be doing that. He wants James to lose R2.
Paul doesn’t like James’s game play style one bit and has said repeatedly over the past few weeks that he doesn’t want James to make it to the F2. We heard the night before that Paul and Nicole made a F2 deal, but later it sounded like this was a one-way agreement as Nicole told Corey she’d take James over Paul. Here we have Nicole talking more with Paul about that F2 deal and she’s convincing in the talk, but I’m not convinced she won’t flip on Paul and take James to the end.
Nicole suggests that James may be trying to throw all the comps with the expectation that they’d both take him to F2. Paul has told Nicole he’s blowing smoke up James’s rear with that promise, but Nicole hasn’t been telling Paul that so he questions why James would think she’d do that. Well, Nicole and James have had those talks, so that’d be why, but Nicole suggests it’s because James thinks she doesn’t like Paul. Nicole suggests that she has never told James she wasn’t taking Paul, but I’m thinking that’s not truthful there. At least it definitely wasn’t honest by the end of the night.
“I told you my plan three days ago. This is my plan. Let’s finish the plan, win this game, and keep [James] in the middle where he belongs,” Paul tells Nicole to assure her he’s taking her and not James to the F2 if he wins R3. They shake on it again and Nicole says, “let’s do this.”
Nicole again asks Paul not to help James study and Paul asks her why would he help James study? Again supporting that he does not want to see James in R3. I believe him. They both say they’re putting their “life in your hands.” Their talk breaks up after just about three minutes as they don’t want to risk being caught by James coming back.

Now move ahead to 12:35 AM BBT to find James with Nicole while Paul is in the DR.
James tells Nicole that if he loses this next round then he’s going to “be at the mercy of you and Paul.” Nicole replies, “well you don’t have to worry. I think it’s pretty obvious who I’m going to take [to F2]. So, that’s not even a question.” “So really, I just need to throw it to you, huh?” asks James. What? Why would that even be a plan? You should try to win and then hope the back up plan works. Unless he’s saying there’s no way he can beat Paul in the third round. Well, maybe that’s true, but those are wild card questions sometimes and can be hard to be completely sure on the right answers.
Nicole tells him she would “1000% never consider any other option.” James says that would make it a pretty easy comp then and “don’t worry, I can max out [on the time limit] on a puzzle.” Nicole again says she’d 1000% take James. “The two vets,” says James and Nicole agrees.
So there we go. Nicole is working her F2 deals to make sure she’s right in the middle of the situation which she appears to be which is funny because James thinks he’s squarely in the middle. He’s not and we know Paul won’t take him, but I think Nicole may be pretty tempted to make that move. It’s good positioning by Nicole and true or not with James she only has to keep it up another day or so with the second round expected on Friday and I expect her to whoop him good in that comp.
If Nicole wins then her and Paul can both continue to tell James whatever they want, but the real decision will be made by one of them on finale night depending on who wins the third round to cast the last eviction vote.
What do you think will happen? Will either Paul or Nicole flip on their F2 deal and take James instead? Will James pull off a surprise win in R2 and face Paul in R3? Or will James do what James does best and take a dive in the comp to set up what he thinks is a guaranteed ride to the F2 no matter which person wins in R3? Share your thoughts below!

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