BB day 94

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BB day 94

Post  Banjo on 2016-09-16, 15:13

Very, very empty and slow in the BB house with only 3 HGs left.  But today starts the final HOH comps so it won't be long until we learn the Final two.

Meanwhile we can go here and vote for who gets the $ 25K. My daily 20 votes go to Nicole.
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‘Big Brother 18’ Final HoH Round 2 Awaits Houseguests Today
By: Matthew Boyer | September 16, 2016 at 1:30 PM EDT

The Big Brother 18’s Final 3 Houseguests are tucked away waiting on their last big chances to compete and win their way to the Final 2 on finale night next Wednesday, Sept. 28th. Round 2 of that final HoH is anticipated to arrive later today.

James Huling building a house of cards

We’ve been listening in on the Houseguests as they plan their next moves and study for the competition ahead. Read on for the latest details of what we know and what we expect to happen.

The past recent seasons have delivered a combined physical and mental competition in Round 2 and these are rarely “easy” challenges but after losing in the first round the remaining two players have no other choice if they want the chance to control their own destiny.

Paul won the first round and that means Nicole and James will face off here in the second competition. Paul has been working hard to encourage Nicole and get her ready while trying to distract and dissuade James from winning. That might not be an issue since James has already joked to Nicole that he may end up maxing out on the comp’s time limit. Meet the new Victoria.

Over the past few years this competition has been held on this same Friday night so I’m expecting that same schedule again this round. It’ll most likely be an individual competition and it’s not necessarily fast so we could be waiting a few hours for the results once the Feeds go down.

Here’s a look back at the last three season’s worth of the final HoH Round 2 competitions to give you an idea of what Nicole and James could end up facing tonight.

During BB15 Andy and Spencer had to climb a giant wall amid an underwater setting and arrange the season’s evictions for Round 2. Mental challenge was low but physical was high with all that climbing. Andy demolished Spencer in the challenge.

In BB16 Derrick and Victoria faced off in “BBgypt” where they had to climb up the giant wall again but this year they had to arrange the final nominees from each week. This one was a harder mental challenge since you had to know twice as much and not screw up with the original noms vs any renoms of the week. No surprise in the results where Derrick swept it away from Victor.

Round 2 of BB17 pitted Steve against Liz and while the monster climbing wall was back this time they had to complete a crossword puzzle while also figuring out the answers. I’d say this one was an even higher mental challenge level with the same physical difficulty as the others. Steve won here.

So what will the Big Brother 18 Round 2 deliver? I think we can safely expect the wall but who knows on just what the mental aspect of it will be. Could be something about the original BB18 teams since that’s unique to the season or maybe another puzzle like last year. Either way, I’m giving the edge to Nicole over James for this round.

Nicole has performed very well on mental comps especially when compared to James who admits this won’t be an easy battle for him to win. I really do expect her to steal this one away from James and move on with Paul to the third round, but there’s always a chance Nicole gets hung up on something in the puzzle and the win could go to James.

What do you think will happen in the Final HoH Round 2 competition? Will James pull off the upset or does Nicole have this on lockdown? Is it time for something different from the walls of the recent years on this challenge? Share your thoughts and get ready for tonight’s results.

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