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BB day 99

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This is it ! The last day of great summer entertainment ! clap
John is probably correct about the winner. But if Nicole blindsides Paul, she will insure her defeat. Stay tuned

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Who Will Win 'Big Brother 18'?

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

After 99 days, 15 evictions and more than 40 competitions, the finale of Big Brother 18 is here. Either Nicole Franzel, James Huling or Paul Abrahamian will emerge as the winner, receiving half a million dollars and joining the illustrious list of 17 previous winners. But who will it be?

Before we get to that, there's still the Final HoH and one more eviction during the live finale before the nine members of the jury cast their votes. So let's look at all of the possible scenarios.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

Paul Won Part 1 of the Final HoH>>>
Nicole Won Part 2 of the Final HoH>>>

On finale night, Paul and Nicole will square off. Even though they've both promised to take each other to the end and evict James in third place no matter what, that may not happen. Paul seems 100 percent committed to that idea, but Nicole appears to be leaning heavily towards betraying Paul and taking James. If that happens, there could be some fireworks and a very angry outburst, because it would be a total blindside.

However, late Tuesday night Nicole and Paul had a conversation where she voiced her concerns about who to take to the Final 2 for the first time to Paul. He seemed to do a lot of damage control and it may have worked, but there's no real way of telling. True to form, Nicole seems indecisive until the very end.

Regardless, let's look at all three of the potential Final 2s to decide who would win in each one.

Paul vs. Nicole

This is the most interesting Final 2 because the jury could go either way. Both have arguments for why they deserve to win and the jury, as we've seen, is divided and very personal. We definitely know that Paul has Victor and Nicole has Corey.

James seems like the kind of guy who would stick with the person he knows best, Nicole, and Natalie has said since the start she wants to vote for a woman to win. Zakiyah was very close to Nicole inside the house and could go to her, as could Paulie if Nicole's connection to Cody is strong enough. We've even seen Da'Vonne begrudgingly praising her game. Heck, if Da'Vonne and Natalie could persuade Bridgette and Natalie, it could be an 8-1 vote for Nicole.

But Paul has proven himself to be an excellent speaker. He's much better at it than Nicole and if the final speeches matter, he could get people back on his side. It also depends on what the jury respects more. Nicole is a returning player, Paul is a newbie. Nicole was never nominated until Final 4, Paul was on the block six times, including the first three weeks in a row.

Will the jury think Nicole rode Corey's coattails or Paul was helped by Victor? Will they admire his fight or have contempt for his personality? And with five women in the jury, will the fact that a woman has never beaten a man in the Final 2 matter at all?

Sadly, these are all mysteries. We've heard almost nothing from the jury about what they think of Paul, which could be a problem. They will either respect his fight and overwhelmingly flock to him or think he's an a-hole and give it to Nicole.

I actually think Nicole would have an edge, but if the jurors come to finale night with an open mind, Paul's speech and answers, especially compared to Nicole's whiny voice, could be the difference maker.

Nicole vs. James

Nicole seems to really want to take James to the end, solely because she thinks he played a worse game and doesn't deserve to win. However, James would have Natalie and Michelle and he could easily have Bridgette as well. Nicole has promised to take Paul so many times in this final week that evicting him would be a major blindside, and I could easily see Paul being a bitter juror and voting for James just to hurt Nicole.

This battle depends entirely on whether there's a bitter jury who truly hates Nicole. Do they respect her as a player or view her as that chick who let a bunch of big, strong men drag her to the end? Given Dr. Will Kirby's presence at the jury round table, I believe they will ultimately reward the better game, and that would be Nicole over James.

Paul vs. James

This is the least likely scenario because everything Paul has said on the live feeds, practicing his speech, suggests he's taking Nicole if he wins. However, if Paul does take James, he's guaranteed Victor's vote and both Nicole and Corey have said to each other they'd vote for Paul over James. Meanwhile, James can rely on Natalie and Michelle as two people who like and respect him and don't like Paul.

That leaves Paulie, Zakiyah, Da'Vonne and Bridgette as swing votes. I could easily see all of them leaning towards Paul, especially since he would have won the Final HoH. However, Natalie and Michelle could work on Bridgette and Da'Vonne to flip for James. If Paul calling Michelle the "c" word turns into a big controversy, or if Paulie's connection to James (through Derrick) is strong enough, maybe James gets the win. But Paul has been practicing his speech nonstop while James isn't prepared at all. I have to believe Paul would win, either 7-2, 6-3 or 5-4.

My Final Prediction

Like last season, this year's winner will likely be determined by the final HoH. If Nicole wins it, she'll probably win the game, especially if she takes James. If Paul wins it, he has a real shot, but the jury will need to be convinced. Either way, James seems doomed to second or third place, with no real shot at winning unless the jury is extremely bitter. Then, like Jordan Lloyd, he would kind of win by default.

Given how confusing it all is, and the fact that Nicole is the only person who I believe is guaranteed to be in the Final 2, I predict that Nicole will win the game. That would make her only the sixth woman to win, and the second female returning player to win (following Rachel Reilly). She'd also break the rule as the first woman to beat a man in the Final 2.

See who wins on the Big Brother 18 finale, Wednesday at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

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