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My feelings are mixed after the first ep.  The whiny, teenage daughters were an annoyance and in a conventional horror movie they would be among the first to be killed by the axe wielding maniac or the supernatural monster. But no, it looks like they will be sticking around for awhile. At least by the end of the ep the whiniest one had calmed down a little but still can't handle seeing people being shot...get used to it !  And the other one after being carried away by the "flying man" seems to have developed enough gumption to fend for herself, at least for the moment. How the cell phone towers and system are still working after all that, is interesting. scratch

Of course there are scenes reminiscent of The Walking Dead, I suppose that can't be avoided given that it is the standard now by which all apocalypse series are judged.

There is no explanation, so far, as to why/how all these disasters descended on Earth at once or what the supernatural creatures are that inhabit peoples bodies until they die then exit for 'greener pastures'.  If they pursue the "Skinwalkers" explanation, that is old hat and rather lame, and still doesn't explain the link to flaming meteorites or falling fish and snakes.

The crazed people afflicted with the virus who must be shot on sight is a variation on The Walking Dead of course and can get old if not written properly.

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