Enzo Ferrari movie

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Enzo Ferrari movie

Post  Banjo on 2017-03-11, 12:03


Jackman is probably as good as any to play Enzo since they aren't going to find any actor that resembled him.

This part of the article is bogus. He was never in a 'high intensity' rivalry with Maserati in Formula One, although Maserati did have some success with the "Birdcage" Type 61 in the early 60's in sports car racing.


"It would cover Enzo's life from 1957, when the race car mogul's battle with rival Maserati was at its highest intensity."

A more accurate 'high intensity' time would be the mid 60's when Ford tried to buy Ferrari  but was turned down of course.  This prompted Ford to engage in a big development program for the GT-40's  so that they could beat Ferrari at Le Mans, which they did in '66.


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