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This sounds very interesting. You might say there is a resemblance to Harry Turtledove's alternate history series where aliens invaded Earth in 1942.  Of course Cloverfield is a classic of movie S-F and put Abrams 'on the map', as well as one of the stars, Odette Yustman, now Odette Anable. But she isn't listed as being in Overlord....

The original Cloverfield which created so much buzz among S-F geeks :


In spite of what Abrams said about the monster coming from the ocean, I've always felt that it was a monster from an alternate dimension.  This makes more sense and avoids the physiological impossibilities of an Earth-based monster.

And although King never explained his monsters in The Mist, they too were clearly from another dimension, so the concept is not uncommon in S-F and the examples prove that it is one of the better explanations for those pesky monsters.

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