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Life !

Post  Banjo on 2017-03-29, 12:49

It has more tension and 'excitement'  than Passengers, for example,  and less 'emotional contact'  than Logan, using two recent movies for comparison. You could say that it's just another "monster on a space ship" genre, using "Alien" and its sequels as examples, but it has its own originality too.

The 'orbital physics' are bogus in several instances, obvious to any layman who is aware of Newton's Laws.

Why/how all life on Mars was destroyed is never addressed.

The ending could theoretically set it up for a sequel but I doubt that it will happen because it would be too easy to become just another formulaic monster movie. Of course if they think it could make $$,  who knows... scratch

Look what happened with the Alien/Predator franchise...

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