BB day 8

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BB day 8

Post  Banjo on 2017-06-29, 12:25

It's day 8 because they entered the house on Jun. 21st but the first TV show is the 28th.

That was a much more complicated premire than usual. The producers must have done a lot of planning to get everything working. Having an endurance comp. on the first ep is not unusual but this one was, not because it was shorter and less brutal than most, but because they used other people to play other "characters" during the comp. The "Temptations" holding the poison apples was a first. Even though they just sat/stood there without moving , it was unprecedented to have any people other than the HGs competing, on the set. I wonder if they will use them in any later comps ? scratch

As far as Cameron being brutally booted after only 12 hours, that's BB for you. Fan consensus seems to not like it and thought he could have done well. It is unfortunate that being a superfan, he was not able to carry out his life's dream. In the past there have been early ejections with HGs who knew little or nothing about the show and in those cases no one is upset.  So tonight we see them settled down somewhat, facing the brutal reality of 3 months of suffering, deprivation, boredom, scheming, betrayals, and yes, even the possible showmance. Then at 10 pm tonight, local, the live feeds are turned on and we get a more accurate look at the state of mind/physicality of all of them.

This looks like a pretty good fan site. We have to have access to at least one because that's where the bickering and whining goes on. two thumbs up

Missed the vote, darn !

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