BB day 14

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BB day 14

Post  Banjo on 2017-07-04, 13:32

Nothing will happen in the house today or tomorrow.  The 'live' CBS show tomorrow will actually be a recap of what happened over the weekend with Meghan self-evicting then Cody having to renom Alex to take her place, then Alex winning POV and taking herself off the block, then Cody renoming Christmas  to take her place, then Christmas getting furious with Cody for nominating her.

We should see all of that on tomorrow's show but won't see Christmas injuring her foot, but the Drs. will examine it again tomorrow to see  if she will be able to continue.  The announcer will breathlessly tell us to watch the Thursday show which will be live and if Christmas is able to continue she will be on the block on crutches ! How will this affect the vote, given that the other HG on the block is Jillian who at this point can be considered a 'floater' or at best a 'non-entity'.

But if the Drs. tomorrow disqualify Christmas from continuing, Cody will have to make yet another renom and at this point we don't know who that will be, but the HG will not have much time to 'campaign' to save him/herself. I'm guessing that the renom will be another woman because Cody seems intent on booting as many women as possible.

Of course with Paul accepting the 'Temptation' that means that some sort of consequences will be visited upon the house. This will be revealed tomorrow but is unlikely to affect the vote on Thursday, but anything is possible.

Of course the next HOH comp. takes place on Thursday too, so what strategies will the new HOH employ ? scratch

Latest info seems to indicate that Jillian will be booted on Thursday;

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