Bb day 18

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Bb day 18

Post  Banjo on 2017-07-08, 16:53

I'm glad that Christmas won the Power of Temptation.  I gave her all my votes every day.

I thought that it was a bad idea for Paul to try and back door Cody rather than just putting him on the block straight up.  Meanwhile the POV comp has yet to take place today and the winner of that will determine the wisdom of Paul's plan, which is looking better now that Cody wasn't picked to compete in the POV.

One of the BB producers tweeted that live feeders should go off and get a life tonight apparently because the POV, which hasn't started yet, will run long and the live feeds will be down for an extended period. But at the moment the HGs are just sitting around shooting the breeze and waiting for the call....

Day 18 Saturday 7/8 Paul selected Cody and Jessica to make their self-imposed Have-nots official, plus fellow frog Jason, and Matt volunteered to be the fourth. Elena and Matt were picked to play for veto with Paul and the three nominees, leaving Cody and Jessica to continue being tragic frogs.

Josh and Raven declared themselves friends forever, his alleged shower-creeping apparently forgiven, forgotten, or perhaps non-existent. Paul continued to talk up himself and give orders. He pressured Ramses some more to throw the veto, he got angry when he heard Jason had allegedly mentioned Battle Back possibility to Cody, and he described his own current incarnation to a T when he referred to Cody as "an ego, a liar, and a power hungry dickhead."

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