BB day 20

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BB day 20

Post  Banjo on 2017-07-10, 14:59

Nothing of consequence will happen in the house until the next eviction on Thursday other than various factions discussing who should be evicted which is happening on the live feeds right now. The consensus seems to be that Cody/Jessica should be next but how Paul's back door scheme will affect that remains to be seen. scratch

Meanwhile last night's CBS show showing the end of the HOH comp ( which we already saw on the live feeds last weekend) is up for viewing on the All Acccess site. I will watch it later. They do show things that are edited out of the CBS show and of course there are no language restrictions on the live feeds.

There were rumors that Christmas would have to go back to the Drs. today to get pins put in her broken/torn tendons and this may affect her ability to stay on the show. But at 1 pm PDT, there is no indication that she has gone or will go later, although she has put on some makeup.........we'll see.

Delayed until Wednesday..

Day 20 Monday 7/10 Paul used his veto on Josh as planned, and put up Cody in his place. Feeds came back to Jessica yelling at Josh about being everybody's pawn, and Paul thanked Cody for being cool about the renom. Cody and Jessica went back to exile saying everyone thought they were blindsided but they knew it was coming.

Paul told Kevin that Ramses has been saying things about him, and told him to vote to evict Ramses this week (which will be blamed on Jason), and if asked, to lie about it and say he voted to evict Cody. Kevin agreed. Meanwhile Cody told Jessica that if Josh comes at him again, the second he gets out of there he'll tell everyone Josh is a sexual predator, referring to Josh allegedly creeping on the girls' showers. That was said by Raven on July 2 - I do not know if that's true or not, or if there were additional instances or allegations or not.

Christmas' out-patient surgery that was scheduled today was postponed til Wednesday.

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