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BB day 23

Post  Banjo on 2017-07-13, 16:33

Another comp. carried live on the feeds tonight.  CBS is doing better this year after many complaints about paying for the live feeds but not seeing the comps.

‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Watch Tonight’s Endurance HoH Competition
July 13, 2017 Matthew Boyer Big Brother 19 30 Comments

CBS has announced that tonight’s Big Brother Head of Household competition will be featured live on the Feeds with an endurance battle for fans to enjoy! Whether you’re watching tonight’s eviction show out west or catching it live during the east coast broadcast the HoH comp will be available for everyone to watch starting after 10PM ET. If you can’t watch, then join us for our live comp recap!

Big Brother Endurance comp on Live Feeds

We’ll be down a big competitor for tonight’s challenge, if the vote goes as we’re predicting, but there should be plenty more fighting for the power this week and that will make for a high stakes game.

The “outsiders” know they need this one and we already saw Alex provide an impressive “eat s**t, Cody” performance during her first competition. I’m hoping she brings that same spirit to the game tonight and doesn’t give up easily. A win for her side could give us some good drama this week.

Tonight’s HoH competition will be an endurance battle and that means we’ll be able to watch it all live only on the Feeds. Now I know, last week we expected endurance but instead just got a live comp. Well this week CBS has explicitly called it out as an “endurance HoH competition” so that should be what we end up seeing starting soon after the east coast broadcast concludes.

Meanwhile there is yet another foot injury, Raven, but this one is not nearly as serious as Christmas' and she can get stitches right at the house.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 2: Wednesday Night Highlights

Posted: 13 Jul 2017 04:45 AM PDT

The Big Brother 19 house was quiet for a lot of the evening and then Dominique decided to have Cody on her “talk show.” And in typical Cody fashion, he held nothing back. But in the end, it was Dominique and her questions that left a number of people upset.

Raven retells her stairs adventure on BB19

Cody went for Paul, and without naming names threw Mark and Matt under the bus. But Dominique not shutting it down was more upsetting to some of her allies than Cody’s actions. Read on for the details.

'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Cody Blows Up the House
Thursday, July 13, 2017

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

Paul's plan is to make sure Cody gets evicted this week on Big Brother 19, but first Cody decided to drop some bombs and send the entire house scrambling on the night before the vote. A quiet and simple week turned into chaos, and it's all due to someone who has had virtually no presence on the TV Show: Dominique.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information from the Big Brother 19 live feeds.

It all started because Dominique has started hosting a regular talk show in the house and, on Wednesday night, she decided to interview the three nominees in front of the entire house. After Alex and Ramses, it was time for the main event and Cody did not disappoint.

Cody proceeded to blow up people's games by revealing that one or two people knew about his plan to backdoor Paul in week 1 and that some people in his alliance also didn't trust Christmas. It was a lot of huge game information being spilled in front of everyone, and Dominique's line of questioning opened the door to this.

Is There Hope for Ramses in the Game?>>>

In the aftermath, Paul, Matt, Raven and Elena were furious at Dominique for asking Cody game-related questions and exposing information that shouldn't be public. Later Cody spoke to Paul and confirmed that Mark and Dominique were the people he was talking about, and now Matt, Raven and Elena are starting to turn against those two.

Paul then spoke to Alex and tried to keep her in line, convincing her that they need to continue to target Jessica and Ramses next week because this was good to start creating fractures that can be used later to get the big alliance to turn on each other.

Meanwhile, Cody spoke to Jason and seemed to get him on board with working with Jessica after he leaves, setting up a potential alliance if either of them (or maybe Ramses or Alex) win HoH.

What Type of Big Brother Showmance Would You Have?>>>

It will depend on who wins the next HoH, but there's definitely drama in the house and fractures are starting to form between the big group that may be exploited and grow even bigger.

Catch up on Wednesday’s daytime Highlights Report before heading into the overnight details below.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 12, 2017:

   3:30 PM BBT – Feeds came back after Raven was carried to the DR for medical attention for her foot after she fell down the stairs.

   3:30 PM BBT – Cody and Jessica in the HN room as he advises her on what moves to make when he’s gone. He’s telling her how to handle long endurance comps and knowing that she’ll cramp up before she really gets in danger of hurting herself.

   3:45 PM BBT – Raven is back with an ice bag. She’s going to get stitches later for her cut but they can do it here at the house.

   4:15 PM BBT – Feeds return after brief downtime so production could clean up.

   4:30 PM BBT – HGs hanging around the HoH room while Paul treats them to more of his stories.

   4:45 PM BBT – Kevin asks Matthew how Raven is doing. Matthew says she was more scared than hurt.

   5:05 PM BBT – Some of the guys are downstairs cooking while Elena, Dominique, and Josh hang around upstairs telling personal stories.

   5:50 PM BBT – Kevin, Josh, Mark, Jason, and Paul are exercising downstairs in the living room. They’ve been on lockdown for days now.

   6:00 PM BBT – Raven detailing the injuries from the stairs when she cut her foot all over, hurt her arm, and hit her head.

   6:40 PM BBT – Raven heads off to get her stitches.

   6:45 PM BBT – Few of the HGs still exercise while the kitchen gets a much needed cleanup.

   7:22 PM  BBT – Cody talking about his time at war. Jessica asks him to estimate how many people he killed. He said more than 10 but less than 20. Jessica tells him she’s killed someone. She then says she’s joking.

   7:42 PM BBT – Raven is back and has gotten stitches.

   8:30 PM BBT – Not much going on. HGs hanging out talking about what they’re going to do after the show (it’s only week 2).

   9:20 PM BBT – DR gave Cody medicine since he had an allergic reaction to the frog suit.

   9:45 PM BBT – HGs getting ready for the talk show. Cody shares that he joined the marines to kill Taliban.

   10:00 PM BBT – It’s time for the Dominique and Kevin show.

   10:35 PM BBT – Cody is the next “guest” on Dominique’s talk show. Cody reveals he didn’t like Paul at first because he didn’t like him on his first season.

   10:40 PM BBT – Cody explains why everyone disliked Megan. He said that she literally said the one thing to every person she shouldn’t have said, like telling him she hates Marines. He says she also came out and told them all the be quiet because she was trying to sleep.

   10:45 PM BBT – Dominique asks Cody why he’s so sure he’s leaving. He says he’d never, ever campaign against Alex. He says there are three people he’d never campaign against: Jessica, Alex and Raven. He says he wants to see those three go far in the game.

   10:48 PM BBT – Cody says Megan is what ruined his whole strategy. He said if he had gotten her out he would have laid low for about four weeks after that.

   10:52 PM BBT – Cody says one or two people always knew his plans. Mark speaks up and asks what he’s talking about. Cody says he’s not saying anything else. Mark isn’t happy Cody is trying to implicate him.

   10:53 PM BBT – Josh asks a question, just trying to prod Cody and Cody shuts him down. He tells Josh he’s not going to give him anymore airtime.

   10:54 PM BBT – Mark is stuck on the one or two people who always knew his Cody’s plan. He keeps asking Cody about it. Cody won’t elaborate. Paul asks if he is willing to reveal who those two people are. Cody doesn’t.

   11:03 PM BBT – Talk show ends. Cody left a few of the HGs shaken.

   11:07 PM BBT – Paul, Raven and Matt are not happy with how Dominique handled that Cody interview. They think her questions were very backhanded to a lot of people.

   11:09 PM  BBT – Paul says he’s not worried about the one or two people Cody was talking about. Matt says he is far more displeased with Dominique than he is with Cody. Paul and Raven agree. They all agree they even felt bad for Ramses after Dominique grilled him over his sexuality.

   11:10 PM BBT – Matt says for someone working with a group of people, it was a sure odd way for her to exploit them all and their gameplay. Matt asks Raven how they are supposed to trust her.

   11:12 PM BBT – Mark and Jessica are having a talk. Mark says he loves her and Cody and wanted to save them but he was left without a choice. They are trying to hash things out.

   11:16 PM BBT – Paul and Cody talking in the HOH room. Cody is giving Paul the full rundown. He’s telling him about everyone who knew about the plan to backdoor him.

   11:18 PM BBT – Cody tells Paul how much Dominique and Mark wanted Christmas out but then suddenly changed their minds.

   11:22 PM BBT – Cody tells Paul if he battles back Paul will be no where on his radar. He says he has so many other targets and implies he’d like to work with him.

   11:23 PM BBT – Mark thanks Jessica for coming and talking to him. He tells her he’s not going to hold anything Cody said against her. He apologizes for ignoring her all week and they hug it out.

   11:26 PM BBT – Dominique apologizes to Jessica about how that whole interview went.

   11:30 PM BBT – Jessica is upset because she says every time the dust settles something stirs it up again. She tells Cody that Mark is going to lose it.

   11:43 PM BBT – Jason tells Cody and Jessica he want to flip the vote and get Ramses out. Jessica says it’s not going to happen. Jason says he’s voting Ramses out.

   11:45 PM BBT – Paul and some of the others tell Dominique that her questions weren’t cool. They say it gave Cody too much of a platform and it kind of blew up some of their secrets.

   12:00 AM BBT – HoH crew agreeing that Dominique shouldn’t have been asking the game play questions in front of everyone like that.

   12:20 AM BBT – HoH crew a little worried about Christmas influencing some of the other HGs against them. Matthew suggests they can vote her out if they decide that’s best.

   12:45 AM BBT – Elena is worried that Cody hurt her game as well since she’s working with Mark and Matthew.

   12:50 AM BBT – Paul worries that the house could start to flip and keep Cody. He doesn’t want them repeating the details about Mark and Matthew supposedly knowing Cody’s plan to BD Paul to avoid giving anyone reason to change up their vote.

   1:00 AM BBT – Matthew says the first time he found out about Cody not liking Paul was after he tried to renom him. Elena says she wants Jessica out even more now.

   1:15 AM BBT – Dominique and Alex talking in the lounge. They’re saying they don’t trust Ramses or Jessica. Mark joins them. He doesn’t believe Cody and thinks Cody is just trying to cause problems on his way out. Alex thinks Jessica did know about the BD plan.

   1:25 AM BBT – Paul and Alex talk in the Lounge. He thinks it’s good to let HGs get suspicious of Mark, but for now they should keep the target on Jessica and Ramses.

   1:30 AM BBT – Mark and Elena having a talk. She’s upset, he’s defensive, round and round they go. Mark says he’s made at Cody for suggesting he knew about the BD plan, but also worries that him being angry could make him look guilty.

   2:00 AM BBT – Elena and Mark finally finish up their extended talk that shifted from frustration to cuddling. They get up and head back in to the rest of the house and rejoin the HoH crew upstairs.

   2:05 AM BBT – Matthew doesn’t trust Jason because he’s not sure Jason’s quite all there.

   2:15 AM BBT – HoH crew discusses how well Ramses did in the Veto comp. Paul reiterates that’s why they need him gone.

   2:30 AM BBT – HoH room cleared out except for Dominique and Paul. Paul says the other guys were also upset about her line of questioning, but chickened out when she arrived and wouldn’t say it. Dominique says she only trusts him and Mark, but not Matthew. She thinks Paul will come to see that about Matthew as well.

   2:35 AM BBT – Paul says he doesn’t believe what Cody was claiming, but in case the others are more gullible he doesn’t want Cody’s comments repeated until after the eviction.

   3:00 AM BBT – Paul and Dominique finally calling it a night. HGs are done for the day.

Heck of a night heading in to the eviction and next HoH competition. CBS has confirmed Thursday’s HoH competition will be live on the Feeds and an endurance battle. Cody is doing a good job of lighting fires on his way out the door to get his old alliance worked up, so that’s a nice bonus for his final day.

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Re: BB day 23

Post  Banjo on 2017-07-15, 11:26

A classic BB endurance comp. The tilting wall while they are sprayed with green slime and cold water. Pain and suffering beyond human comprehension but in the end Alex wins !

Big Brother HoH competition

So who won the Big Brother HoH comp? Read on for the spoilers & details.

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds featuring HoH endurance comp

Big Brother 19 Week 3 HoH Comp – ‘Space Cadets’:

6:53 PM BBT – The comp is underway! The Wall is going for a big lean already.
6:57 PM BBT – Everyone is still in the comp.
7:02 PM BBT – Feeds are back! Join us to watch on your Feeds!
7:06 PM BBT – Everyone still there. Alex complained about her feet hurting already.
7:11 PM BBT – Air blasts up at the HGs. Paul is laughing at them. No one fell from the surprise.
7:12 PM BBT – Josh fell & is the first out.

7:15 PM BBT – Josh and Paul on the sidelines trying to figure out the 3 votes against Ramses.
7:17 PM BBT – All but Josh are still in the comp. Alex says it’s way harder than it looked.
7:20 PM BBT – Mark fell during the Puppy-Cam breakaway.
7:25 PM BBT – Paul & Mark are now talking to figure out the Ramses votes.
7:30 PM BBT – All but the 2 HGs (and Paul) are still in the comp & hanging on.
7:35 PM BBT – More green slime at the HGs. Paul is hiding to avoid the spray.

7:38 PM BBT – Raven is down.
7:43 PM BBT – Raven says her stitches are bleeding.
7:45 PM BBT – Looks like Ramses is struggling.
7:50 PM BBT – More slime cannons. No more drops in a bit. They’re playing hard.
7:53 PM BBT – Ramses is down. Kevin says he can’t hold much longer.
7:55 PM BBT – Kevin falls next.

8:00 PM BBT – Jason and Elena now squatting in the classic James move.
8:05 PM BBT – No one else has fallen since Kevin.
8:06 PM BBT – Spoke too soon. Matt just fell.
8:10 PM BBT – Lots of steep wall tilts, but they’re hanging on. Jason is the last guy.
8:15 PM BBT – We’ve still got Jason, Dominique, Jessica, Elena, & Alex.
8:18 PM BBT – Jessica fell then Dominique immediately after her. 3 remain.
8:20 PM BBT – Jason & Alex are open to making a deal, but Elena says she can stay up all night.

8:25 PM BBT – Final 3 holding on strong here.
8:28 PM BBT – Deal making time. Safety for all 3. Alex gets to poop in HoH’s toilet.
8:29 PM BBT – Jason drops for the deal of safety.
8:30 PM BBT – More deal making of safety promises.
8:31 PM BBT – Elena drops! Alex wins!

Alex is the new Head of Household. Congrats to Alex

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