BB day 24

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BB day 24

Post  Banjo on 2017-07-15, 11:33

Wow ! Christmas' injury is really bad. Looks like a life changer. Too bad. She was a fitness instructor and competitor. Will they let her stay in the house knowing now that she'll never be able to compete in any physical comps. even ones requiring standing a lot. Or will enough HGs decide she is 'dead wood' and plot to boot her in the near future ?

Friday, July 14, 2017
Christmas Returns to the 'Big Brother 19' House: How Serious Is Her Injury?

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

Christmas is back in the house on Big Brother 19. After leaving for foot surgery, we saw that Christmas was still in the hospital during the live eviction. But now she's finally back.

Christmas returned to the house a little after 3pm PT on Friday, more than 52 hours after she left Wednesday morning for her foot surgery. She was greeted with cheers, hugs and sympathy and told the HGs that she felt groggy and the experience was very hard, which is why she had to stay in the hospital for an extra night. Then we learned that this injury is a lot more serious than we first thought.

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Christmas revealed to the HGs that she actually broke 10 bones in her foot, not just two, and the doctor said it looked like a bomb went off in her foot. One of her bones was so bad that she needed to get a donor bone in addition to four pins and many screws. She will also have to leave again next week for a re-cast.

She will be in a cast for a minimum of six weeks and maybe an extra three or four after that depending on her progress. Christmas then broke down because this may leave her with permanent damage and she will likely be retired from athletics. It will take a full year to recover and arthritis will set in within one to five years, at which point she will need another surgery.

This hit Jason hard because he blames himself for the injury and her entire life is now changed. Christmas told him not to blame himself and he was comforted by others that it's not his fault. Christmas has a very positive attitude, accepting that this is part of God's plan and she's happy to show that she can persevere.

Once she settled in she asked about the HoH competition and she learned about Raven's foot injury and how she needed stitches. It sounds like she knew that Alex won, but seemed surprised that Elena lasted until second.

Eventually Jason talked to Christmas about the game and she seemed to hide the fact that she voted to evict Ramses, throwing shade on the mystery HGs Cody mentioned as knowing about his plan to backdoor Paul.

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