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BB day 32

Post  Banjo on 2017-07-22, 15:02

Last night after the feeds came back I saw Jessica and Cody walking out of the HOH room (after a make-out session) carrying a bunch of toiletries, etc.  and wondered why they were in there, then it dawned on me that one of them had won the HOH comp. , Jessica as it turns out. With Josh and Ramses on the block, the strategic changes in the house if either one is evicted, will be minimal other than getting rid of Josh' rants should he be the one to go.

Of course it was no big effort to predict that Cody would win the Battle Back. Jessica was the happiest....

‘Big Brother 19’ Veto Comp Plans – Week 4

July 22, 2017 Matthew Boyer Big Brother 19 112 Comments

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In just a few short minutes last night after the Feeds returned we were able to confirm the new Head of Household and Nominations for Week 4 of Big Brother 19. Now it’s on to the Veto competition expected later today and we’ve got a few different plans in the works.

Jessica won Head of Household, which we’ll see play out on Sunday’s show, so that puts her and Cody in a safe spot for the week. Not so safe are her nominees Josh and Ramses. Josh is the target here, but that view isn’t shared by many outside the HoH room.
Downstairs you’ll find a different perspective. You’ll remember that Ramses has been a hot topic of being a target for Paul and that hasn’t faded. So while Paul may be going upstairs and making Jessica feel all warm and fuzzy about getting Josh out this week there’s actually a different plan.
Paul and Christmas have been drumming up support to secretly keep Josh and vote out Ramses. Matthew and Raven are in on it too and both agreed that they shouldn’t even tell Mark or Elena about the vote-switcheroo. Well this should be fun.
Here’s the rub though, to help keep this blindside on track the nominees would need to stay the same. If Ramses came down then the secret target is gone. If Josh comes down then Jessica will be looking for a new target and the HGs might be more tempted by that alternative instead of going with Paul’s suggestion to evict Ramses.
For players today we’ll obviously have Jessica (HoH) and Josh & Ramses (noms). If Jessica gets HG Choice then she’s going with Cody. He’s anxious to play and wants a chance to join the competition. He might not be a bad option for the blindsiders either since he’d probably keep noms just as they are to support Jessica.
I’m not sure anyone else would be going out of their way to save Josh or Ramses so those two are likely on their own in this comp today. That probably means they’d have less true competitors since many of these HGs seem to be rather passive when it comes to winning comps.
As of now the HGs are still sleeping away. There’s been no early wake up call for drawing Veto players, but when that happens we’ll update this article here with the details.
What do you want to happen today in the Big Brother Veto comp? Should either of the noms escape the Block or do you want to see the power go elsewhere for changing up this week’s nominations? Share your thoughts below.

'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Who Are the Week 4 HoH and Nominees?
Friday, July 21, 2017

John Kubicek
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The Big Brother 19 live feeds were down longer than usual due to the Battle Back, so when they came back Friday the next HoH competition and nomination ceremony were already complete. Who's in power and who's on the block following Cody's return to the game in the Battle Back?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Jessica is the new HoH.

Josh and Ramses are the nominees.

Sigh. This is exactly what the house wanted and exactly what the other showmances of Matt, Raven, Mark and Elena wanted. Instead of coming back to a big move, we get a reunion of the showmances and Paul is still safe while two of the outsiders are on the block.

Big Brother 19 Recap: Cody Wins the Battle Back>>>

It sounds like Josh is Jessica's target and he's alone in the Have-Not room, though Jessica says he did it to himself. It's likely that Josh had yet another unstable blow-up. The fact that he was a Have-Not last week and will be a Have-Not this upcoming week as well won't help.

However, Christmas is already talking to Matt and Raven about trying to flip it against Ramses to save Josh. They told her they were open to it, but should revisit the issue after the Power of Veto.

Christmas also talked to Alex about it, and since Alex is convinced that Ramses won the $25,000 and is more than happy to take him out. Paul is also in on this secret plan to flip the vote against Ramses, but they're all lying to Jessica and Cody and telling them that they're on board with evicting Josh.

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