BB day 36

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BB day 36

Post  Banjo on 2017-07-26, 15:16

With the blindside still apparently viable (it's possible but not too likely that that could change by tomorrow.) things are shaping up to be somewhat more interesting than just a common Josh or Ramses eviction.

‘Big Brother 19’ Blindside Will Redraw Alliances, Again
July 26, 2017 Matthew Boyer Big Brother 19 1 Comment

The last time we had a solid blindside on Big Brother 19 was the week where Cody and Jessica thought for sure they knew who was going home, didn’t bother to double check the votes, sat quietly while the house worked against them, and then got a huge shock on Thursday night. What a relief that we won’t see that happen again, right? Oops.

Mark Jansen will have to pick a side on BB19

Right now we’ve got Ramses and Josh on the Block. Josh is the target for Jessica and Cody, but most of the rest of the house have lined up to vote out Ramses. Cody and Jessica still don’t know and they aren’t alone.

Likely to join the jaw-dropped group this week will be Mark and Elena who have been on the outside of the circle planning this surprise vote. Elena has been promising Jessica the votes are there which has been dutifully carried back to Cody for an echo chamber effect of confirmation.

So what happens on Thursday? Well the blindside would just be a cherry on top for the viewers with all the drama involved, but the alliances will definitely be redefined for those still in the dark about it.

After Week 1’s blindside we saw Jessica and Cody widely isolated with the rest of the house moving away from them, including Mark and Elena. When Cody returned to the game last week and Jessica won HoH we suddenly saw Mark singing a new tune about Cody. He was quickly so excited to see the guy back in the game. Elena was along for the ride and has been catching up more and more with Jessica and Cody since then.

The silent majority has taken notice of Mark and Elena’s behavior and it’s put them in a bad spot. Paul, Christmas, Alex, and all the rest made sure not to tell Mark and Elena about this blindside plan against Cody and Jessica. Instead they’ve let the other showmance slide away and prepared to target them in parallel to the outgoing HoH team.

Yesterday Paul told Matthew and Raven how Mark was talking about his dislike for their showmance. The group agreed that Elena was the brains for Mark and she would need to go first. Paul is working hard to make sure the two sides are pumped to go after each other.

Just this morning Paul and Jason discussed their plan for dealing with the four outsiders. Should either of them get HoH the strategy would be to pit the two showmances against each other by putting up Cody and Elena so each of their partners would have to be drawn in to the fight as well. Not a bad plan.

At this point we already know those four are going to be left in the lurch after Thursday night, but they’ll have to scramble to catch up as the other side of the house has had days to plan this move against them. Of course with the house playing, what, 8 against 3 in the next HoH those sort of odds look good for the majority but this is Big Brother and we know how that tends to go. Not to mention Jessica still has that Halting Hex that could return the blindside favor nicely for their side.

With all her experience as an 'observer' you would think that she could predict more accurately. scratch

As a generality we can see that the most likely winners are not the 'smart' ones, (a characteristic more easily discernable early on in most seasons) but rather the ones that can 'read' the capabilities and mind-sets of the other HGs . This characteristic much harder to discern. This season Paul is the one with this ability and it's not hard to see it since he was on BB 18 and finished 2nd, and is exhibiting the same qualities in BB 19.

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