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BB day 39

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Last night was a night of drama in the house. I didn't see it on the live feeds but when I started watching later it was obvious that something happened between Cody and Jessica. As it turned out it was her being mad at Cody because of the way he acted in his confrontation with Paul earlier. I went back to that time with the app and am watching it now.

Shortly afterward Mark and Josh got into it in the kitchen with Josh grabbing pots and pans and banging them in Mark's face. Mark grabbed the pans, then the feeds were cut and when they came back on we learn that Production had told them to go to separate rooms. If one had actually grabbed the other it would be grounds for eviction on the spot. But that was averted and Friday night played out. Later still Christmas talked to Jessica in private and tried to make her see that being with Cody was toxic for her and she did much better in the house during the time that Cody was evicted. Then when he came back after winning the Battle Back her 'image' in the house took a hit. Jessica was still mad and disappointed with Cody's behavior.

Big Brother 19 Friday Fight Night: Paul Vs Jessica & Cody
July 29, 2017 Matthew Boyer Big Brother 19 56 Comments

Houseguests reached a tipping point last night on the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds following Paul’s reveals of his not-so-surprising nominations. Tempers went from hot to boiling in no time as the new nominees kept up the facade over what was going on with the final Temptation of the season.

Cody, Paul, & Jessica argue and fight on BB19

Everything kicked off immediately after the Nominations Ceremony. Paul challenged Jessica’s claims of Block safety and put her and Cody up. Jessica had hoped her threats of great Temptation power, including punishments for anyone who tested it, would keep them safe this week and give them a bonus week of having the Halting Hex in their back pocket. It didn’t work.

Paul invites Jessica up to the HoH room to speak with him after the meeting ended. We’re picking up there at 7:22 PM BBT 7/28 Cams 3/4 as Paul and Jessica head upstairs. Jessica tells Cody to come along too. That’s where things fell apart.

Paul and Jessica are talking calmly to one another when Cody enters and starts in. “This week means nothing!” says Cody. Jessica hushes Cody and puts her hand over his mouth. Paul is trying to cover his rear. He says he had two nominees ready as a backup, suggesting he did this to test her claims.

“You don’t know what you just did, Paul. You shouldn’t have done that,” says Jessica. “What the f**k does that mean?!” asks Paul. Paul says he was getting pressure from nine people and Cody shoots back asking if Paul just does what others tell him. Paul says if they have safety then he’s going to go with the group. “No, it doesn’t work that way!” says Jessica.
Gallery: Paul Vs Jessica & Cody

Cody starts getting pissed off (more than his usual resting level of pissed). He starts jabbing at Paul for frequently talking about how it’s Day 130-whatever for him. (True, Paul does say that way too often.) “Don’t get all heated. Relax,” Paul tells Cody. No one is calming down. Jessica is telling Paul “now it’s pointless.” Well, we know she can nix the eviction, but it doesn’t make much sense for them to get so angry now if they’re protected. Again, we know more and the issue is that Paul just effectively used up her Hex a week sooner than she wanted.

Here we go with Cody. He’s really angry now and telling Paul not to tell Jessica to lower her voice. The F-bombs are flying at Paul. “You can not f**king tell Jessica to lower her f**king voice,” says Cody. Paul tells Cody, “leave this room.” “F**k you, Paul!” “Leave this room,” says Paul again. “What are you going to do about it?” asks Cody. Paul says nothing, but again tells Cody to get out. Paul isn’t going to throw punches over this. Jessica tells Cody they should leave.

They start to leave but Cody and Paul continue to trade jabs. Cody makes it to the door before turning back for more. “What are you going to do about it?!” says Cody. “Nothing, cause I’m an adult,” replies Paul. Cody continues to throw “f**k you” over and over on his way out the door. Paul follows out and they continue to shout at one another as Jessica and Cody head downstairs.

Now we’ve got Jessica going back and forth with Paul with him up on the balcony as she heads out through the kitchen. She’s been repeating to Paul that he should have asked her more questions and now it’s too late. Finally she and Cody are gone off to the back bedroom and the argument has ended with Paul. Now we’ve got a new one.

Jump forward to 7:28 PM BBT Cams 1/2 – Jessica isn’t happy with Cody. She wishes he hadn’t done all that fighting with Paul. “I don’t give a f**k!” says Cody. Jessica does and says that this is a game. She reminds him that his actions are putting her through the ringer “for a second time!”
Gallery: Jessica & Cody Argue

“Jessica, him telling you to lower your voice…” complains Cody. “Oh my gosh, there are so many worse things somebody could say,” she replies. Jessica again reminds him that this is just a game. “I don’t care,” says Cody.” “I care!” says Jessica.

“This was supposed to be a temptation and a blessing, not a curse for us,” states Jessica. She’s right. This thing has gotten kinda messy, but I’m not sure she’s been helping herself too much with all her talk about it. She’s confused the HGs, threatened them with an unknown power, and put her opponents in a corner over it. There was no way Paul wasn’t going to go after them this week so maybe she couldn’t have done any better, but I do think Jessica is right when she’s telling Cody here that he’s only making things worse.

Later Cody told Kevin that he wanted to fall on his sword for Jessica and let her keep her power instead of using it on him. I’m guessing we’ll hear more about that this week, but there’s no way Jessica isn’t going to save him even if she ends up off the Block by Thursday. For all she knows she could win HoH next week and then the power is pointless for her in its final week. She might as well roll the dice, keep them together for at least one more week, and see what they can do with it.

Do you think Jessica and Cody are making the right moves with all these cryptic threats about the power? What was the point of them getting so upset at Paul afterward and saying he had hurt his own game? Shouldn’t they be happy if that were the case?

Of course this wasn’t the only fight of the night and we’ll get to that pan-smashing moment in a bit. In the meantime, you won’t want to miss what’s going on with the Live Feeds this weekend. Want to see it all? Grab the Free Trial and watch along with us.

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