BB day 43

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BB day 43

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These comparisons aren't as crazy or inaccurate as I expected. two thumbs up

Meanwhile not much is happening in the house until tomorrow when Jessica uses her Halting Hex and prevents her or Cody from being evicted. tongue

But Monday was wild...

Tuesday, August 01, 2017
'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: The House Attacks Jessica and Cody
John Kubicek

Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It was another crazy Monday on Big Brother 19, with a huge house fight, accusations of bullying from both sides and some serious self-reflection. Tensions are definitely getting heated.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Paul won the Power of Veto.

He saved Jason.

With Cody and Jessica on the block, and everyone knowing the exact details of Jessica's Halting Hex, Paul initiated a plan to ensure Jessica wouldn't use it by trying to make Cody crack.

Paul's plan involved getting everyone to constantly verbally attack Cody, with Christmas suggesting that they should question whether he was really in the Marines and call him a coward. Paul repeatedly talked about wanting to psychologically tear him down. Matt actually voiced a little concern over how far they were going, but Christmas didn't care and actually got upset with Matt for lecturing her.

Which Side Should Elena Choose?>>>

A big fight kicked off when Jessica saw Raven whispering with Kevin and Jason and decided to confront her about it. Raven said it wasn't about her, but Jessica didn't really believe her, bringing up the fact that last week Raven looked her in the eye and said she was going to evict Josh, but then didn't.

Raven ran to Paul, who told her to start crying and say that Cody made her cry. Paul then had a chat with Cody and Jessica where Jessica called him out on every single thing he's doing in this game, controlling the entire house and telling every exactly what to do. Paul, of course, denied it and turned it into a joke about how he's the master and all of the other HGs are his pets.

That's when the fighting began, with Raven and Alex yelling at Jessica. It moved to the backyard where Josh started banging pots and pans while the berating continued, with Raven mocking the claim that she is Paul's dog by shouting "Woof, woof." Jessica and Cody just sat in the hammock and didn't respond.

Eventually, HGs got called into the diary room and when they came out, it was clear that they were warned that they couldn't incite violence and couldn't try to make them self-evict (Jessica and Cody did talk briefly about possibly quitting the game).

There was also a fan with a megaphone who shouted something into the backyard, presumably "America loves Jess. Paul is a bully." As night came, it was obvious that Paul heard this and got the message from the diary room.

Suddenly, Paul wanted to lay off Jessica and Cody, convincing himself that their mission was successful. He also repeatedly justified that they weren't being bullies, they were just bullying the real bullies. It sounded a lot like Paul finally realized that he's being portrayed as the villain on the show while Cody and Jessica are the heroes, and that seems to piss him off a lot.

Either way, Paul's iron fist over the game continues. The entire house is unified against Cody and Jessica thanks to Paul constantly telling them how evil Jody is. Even Mark and Elena have told Paul that if they win HoH, they will nominate Jessica and Cody, though whether that's true remains to be seen.

Emotions are running high. There are definitely personal attacks involved and, no matter how many times Paul tries to justify it by claiming that it's his strategy, it doesn't look good, especially when Jessica is 100 percent correct in her assessment of how much he's controlling the game.

Is Paul a bully?
No, he's just bullying the bully
Total Votes: 15468

Tonight On Big Brother 19: Veto Competition & Ceremony
August 2, 2017 Matthew Boyer Big Brother 19 158 Comments

Big Brother 19 is back tonight at 8/7c with the Power of Veto episode as the show picks back up with the house trying to figure out what to make of Jessica’s nomination despite her claims of safety for several weeks. Oh, and there’s a few crazy fights to go along with it.

Mark and Josh face off on Big Brother 19

Sunday’s episode ended with Paul sending Cody and Jessica up to the Block but inside the house that was just the start of things going haywire. We should pick up then with a fight between Cody and Paul which was soon followed by some serious stress between Josh and Mark that even lead to Feeds cutting away from a very tense situation.

Along with all that excitement we’ll have to get in the Veto Competition and Paul’s big plan for the week to convince Jessica not to put her Halting Hex in to play. Just try to guess how well all that goes over. With both Jessica and Cody now on the Block there’s no way for them to both get down which means her only way to insure they survive this week is to throw in her Temptation power.

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