BB day 47

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BB day 47

Post  Banjo on 2017-08-06, 12:06

Not a good idea for Christmas to volunteer to be on the block, but the rest of it will probably play out as expected.

Saturday, August 05, 2017
'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 6 Power of Veto?
John Kubicek

Senior Writer, BuddyTV

For the past two weeks on Big Brother 19, the HoH has also won the Power of Veto, holding all the power. But both times that didn't help them as their targets didn't go home. With Josh as HoH, will that pattern continue or will the PoV create even more chaos?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Cody won immunity and Jessica is the third nominee.

Josh nominated Mark and Elena.

Cody and Alex were picked to play, but Christmas used her Ring of Replacement from the Den of Temptation to switch places with Cody. Jessica and Cody were very upset by this, especially at Christmas. Prior to picking players, Josh originally told Christmas he didn't want her to use it, but they talked to Paul and he convinced her to do it.

Mark won the Power of Veto!

Despite a plan to try and get him not to use it, he probably will. So Josh will probably have to pick a replacement nominee. He's thinking of Raven, but Christmas volunteered.

It seems like Christmas has flipped back to being Paul's loyal follower, wanting Jessica to be evicted (perhaps due to Jessica and Cody's reaction to her using the Ring of Replacement). Offering to be the nominee is probably her way of avoiding being caught in the middle of Paul and Josh.

Josh has made it very clear to the cameras since he won HoH that he wants Elena to be evicted this week. But with Christmas potentially abandoning his cause and Alex and Jason more likely to follow Paul, Josh seems unlikely to get his way. Instead, Jessica is probably going to be evicted.

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