BB day 50

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BB day 50

Post  Banjo on 2017-08-09, 15:36

One more day then Cody is cast adrift, alone in the house and even his attempts at reconciliation are being rebuffed. His only hope is to win HOH very soon, like tomorrow.

‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Cody Sinks His Chances With Kevin
August 9, 2017 Matthew Boyer Big Brother 19 107 Comments

Cody Nickson is about to be a lost puppy, as he puts it, on Big Brother 19 this week with the anticipated eviction of Jessica Graf and he was about to have a new home but yesterday’s behavior may have squashed that plan.

Kevin Schlehuber with Paul Abrahamian on BB19

Over the past few days Kevin Schlehuber had been working a new plan of his. He first spoke with Jessica about the idea that he’d look out for Cody after she left. His thinking here was that a strong player and free agent was about to be up for grabs. He had to know it wouldn’t be that easy though.

On Monday morning (10:30 AM BBT 8/7) Cody approached Jason and Kevin that he’d be loyal to them if Jessica went this week. Cody promised the guys that his sights were aimed at those who had betrayed him early on and he wouldn’t be coming after them.

Later that morning Kevin talked with Jason privately but Jason expressed the obvious concerns. How could they work with Cody and work with Paul and Alex. Quite a few conflicts there for them. Kevin suggested that they wouldn’t have to do it for long and after a month they could BD Cody. Well, so much for that idea.

The fights were pretty heated yesterday as Cody & Jessica and Josh went back and forth before Josh ended up in tears. There were plenty of bitter complaints about the situation and it seems to have become clear to Kevin that working with Cody could be more of an anchor than an advantage.

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Last night Kevin told Paul that his idea of trying to make a deal with Cody was done. “So that theory with Cody is over,” said Kevin to Paul. “I won’t help him now, even talk to him no more, not after acting like such a f**king nincompoop… That behavior just cost him the help… Now he’s on his own.”

Let’s say Cody wins HoH this next week, well I think Kevin might be willing to quietly reaffirm their previous discussions, but otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised to see things fall to the wayside here with that plan.

It’ll be a shame to see Cody’s potential wasted in his last week(s) in the house, if he is set to go soon, but that’s the path they’ve gone down, right or wrong. At least Cody and Jessica are consistent in their destructive behavior when it comes to their game play.

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