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At first I thought it would be redundant to boot Matt now since he'll likely be voted out tomorrow. But Derek makes a good point that in order to keep the integrity of the BB rules, he should be immediately be booted by Production and not allowed to go to the Jury house. The example of Chima in BB 11 is a good one but is somewhat different in that she had been skating on the thin edge of sanity for awhile before blowing up and throwing her mic pack in the pool, a clear violation of BB rules not to damage house equipment in any form.

But Matt doesn't exhibit any mental problems but just sails along as a bland, meaningless HG, contributing nothing, leaving nothing memorable behind when he is evicted. So his eviction will have to be based on 'criminal behavior. But I doubt that Prod. will boot him and he will go out as a 'regular' evictee and will go to the Jury house which will not sit well with fans.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Why Matt Should Be Ejected from the 'Big Brother 19' House

Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

For a long time on Big Brother 19, the house's serial cereal eater, Matt, has been a boring but harmless presence. Matt's never bothered to play the game nor has he really participated in the melodrama. Matt has just been kind of there. In recent days, Matt has crossed a line. Due to his willful and repeated rule violations, Matt should be removed from the Big Brother house -- not just evicted, but pulled from the game entirely.

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SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds.

The Sins of a Cereal Eater

As was previously reported, Matt is trying to purposely be evicted from the Big Brother 19 house. After the Power of Veto competition, Matt and his girlfriend Raven were left on the block for eviction night. Matt wants to make sure he goes home so he's breaking as many rules as he can to receive penalty votes, and so far he has received one.

Matt hasn't slowed down at all after receiving that penalty vote. He continues to do things he is forbidden to do as a Have-Not. Matt has taken hot showers, he's eaten food that's not slop and he's slept in the same bed as Raven.

This behavior has caused uproar among fans, specifically on our Big Brother Facebook page. People are right to be angry because this type of behavior should get Matt removed from the house. Matt might want to be evicted but Big Brother should step in and take him completely out of the game.

In other words, Matt should be ousted by production and Jason will have to name a replacement nominee. The biggest consequence of all, though, is that Matt shouldn't be allowed to go to the jury house. It will be as if he never existed in the game, which, to be fair, was already the case. Either another Battle Back could happen and / or Big Brother could give America Matt's vote to avoid a tie at the end.

What's Happened Before, Will Should Happen Again

This is what should happen because it's what has happened in the past. Big Brother has ejected multiple contestants from the game but one of the most notorious cases was Chima Simone from Big Brother 11. When Chima came out on the wrong side of a twist, she completely shut down from the game. Chima loudly ignored production's requests and repeatedly disobeyed the rules, just like Matt. It all culminated with her throwing her mic pack in the pool (after refusing to wear it).

Interestingly, Chima was the eighth HG to leave the Big Brother house (which is what Matt is aiming to make happen) but she didn't go to jury. Since Chima was removed from the game by production, her vote was instead given to America and they voted for the eventual winner, Jordan Lloyd.

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Matt hasn't done anything as violent or potentially costly as throwing away a mic pack but Chima was already on thin ice before that happened. It was the final straw, not necessarily her removable offense. Matt has been warned by production, using the voice of Big Brother, to stop breaking the rules and he has made it clear he won't be slowing down any time soon. Raven has even taking to praising Matt for being her "little rebel."

Matt's not a rebel. He's a coward and disgrace to the game. Cody was widely criticized for his behavior inside the house, but he still stuck to the rules. Cody played the game, even if he didn't do it particularly well. Matt isn't playing the game and by ignoring the rules, he's not only disrespecting the show but all the other evicted houseguests before him.

By removing Matt there would also be a chance to really shake up the game. If a jury Battle Back happens, the game could completely shift for the ending and everyone would have to scramble. As things stand now it seems like Paul will easily walk away with the prize. Even if a Battle Back doesn't happen, Matt needs more of a punishment than a penalty vote because letting his behavior slide implies that the rules of Big Brother are little more than loosely enforced guidelines.

But what do you think? Should Matt be removed from the game? Will Matt be removed from the game? If he is removed should America gets his vote or should there be a Battle Back competition? What do you want to see happen?

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