BB day 85

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BB day 85

Post  Banjo on 2017-09-13, 15:00

This is entirely likely. Kevin will be the next to go, then we will have the Final Three of Paul, Josh and Christmas. The last two being unlikely predictions at the start of the season, but that's BB for you...Expect the Unexpected !

‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Eviction & F4 HoH Spoilers
September 13, 2017 Matthew Boyer Big Brother 19 518 Comments

With the Big Brother 19 Feeds down until after tonight’s show there was the inevitable chance of spoilers revealing these protected secrets. Well they’ve arrived and while they’re still rumored spoilers they’re also “File me under: No kidding.”

So while these come from a season long source on Reddit we still need to add the caveat that I have not personally verified them, and we’ll have to wait until tonight’s special episode airs to confirm.

The source for these rumored spoilers is the same individual, Reddit’s “vegasforsure,” who revealed before the Feeds started that Megan had bailed on the show. Since then there have been other leaks from the source that have been correct. So, grain of salt since we can’t confirm, but combining this person’s track record with the “duh” factor and this are completely reasonable.
Rumored Spoilers: F5 Eviction

   There were 2 votes and Paul took the gamble on Josh for a tiebreaker
   Alex was evicted by Josh after a 1-1 tie by Paul & Christmas
   Source: Reddit

I really didn’t think Paul would bother to split the votes after convincing Alex there was no way she’d say either way, but it does continue his cover story of trying to be on her side even to the end. He wasn’t, but we know more than the HGs do. This would also mean Josh’s camtalk threats of keeping Alex were empty, but another “no kidding” moment for any of Paul’s minions, especially when it would have been bad for Josh’s game.
Rumored Spoilers: F4 HoH

   HGs faced “What The Bleep?” just like last year
   Paul won F4 HoH… just like last year
   Source: Reddit

You’ll remember this HoH competition from last year when Paul had his back to the wall and it as do or die for his game. Nicole and James were competing against Corey who was the outgoing HoH. If Paul lost he’d be vulnerable to eviction but he pulled it off. This year he’s done it again though his position wasn’t nearly as dire, nor has it been all season.

The F4 HoH is great for secured safety, but the real power this round is with the final Veto of the season. We’ll be waiting for tonight to get those spoilers to see whether Paul will have total control this week or if someone wanting to mix things up with take it instead. Heh, I know, I know.

What do you think of these rumors? They’re exactly what I wrote up last night in my predictions before they were announced, so I’m not surprised in the least. Now we’ll have to wait for tonight to get them confirmed, but I don’t think this source is lying after all this time.

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