BB 19 finale !!

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BB 19 finale !!

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The most dramatic Jury voting in the history of Big Brother !   With Josh winning the final HOH and taking Paul with him to the final two, instead of Christmas, who became the 9th Juror , that was no big surprise and was in line with most pundits predictions.

But then after the voting started and Paul was ahead 4 to 2, everyone thought it would be a blow out and he would win on his second try. But no !  the next two votes were for Josh and it was tied 4-4 !!  Everyone gasped. The Twitterverse went wild ! With Cody being the final vote we knew instantly that Josh would win because Cody would never vote for Paul if his life depended on it ! So Josh wins 5-4 and is stunned as is Paul taking 2nd place for   two years running.  

Then America's Favorite Player is revealed. The 3 finalists were Jason, Kevin, and Cody.  15 million votes were cast (how many TV shows, of any type,  would like that level of fan interest ? two thumbs up ) In the end Cody won the AFP. I   voted for Christmas who I knew had little chance, but I   certainly wouldn't have voted for Cody. I'm not sure what his attraction was other than his attitude of not caring about anything and despising all the other HGs. I guess in this culture of nihilism and ennui such qualities are admirable ?  Or maybe it was his "dead, serial killer eyes" as reviewers have noted. At any rate he wins the $25K.

There is always a hole in our TV viewing with the end of every BB season but at least this year we have the winter Celebrity BB to look forward to, and next Wed. starts Survivor season 35 !  So we'll make it !   woohoo

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
'Big Brother 19' Finale Recap: Who Is the Winner?
John Kubicek

Senior Writer, BuddyTV

It's been 92 days, 14 Power of Veto competitions, three Dens of Temptation, one useless Tree and 16 of the dumbest HGs ever cast on the show (plus Paul) on Big Brother 19. And after all of the showmances, pots and pans, barking Ravens, broken bones, wiener jokes and lies, Paul, Josh and Christmas are the last three standing.

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Tonight one of them joins the ranks of Dan Gheesling and Adam Jasinski, one of them joins the likes of GinaMarie Zimmerman and Danielle Reyes in second place, and another will be evicted in third just like Vanessa Rousso and Victoria Rafaeli. But who will win, what will the jury think and who gets America's Favorite Player? Let's find out.

The Final HoH, Part 1

It's back to the farting unicorns, with Paul, Christmas and Josh standing on clouds and holding onto tails while get misted with colorful glitter powder. This competition perfectly illustrates the difference between Big Brother and Survivor, because Jeff Probst wouldn't be caught dead on a farting unicorn show.

We see Paul talking to Josh about how Christmas would beat either one of them in the Final 2, so Josh isn't sure what to do. But everyone wants to win this Final HoH in order to make that decision. Christmas struggles because of her broken foot, but she powers through it. After 40 minutes, Josh falls. After 54 minutes, Christmas falls.

Paul wins part 1 of the Final HoH.

Paul screams and cries because he's poured his blood, sweat and tears into the game and he really wants to win.

The Final HoH, Part 2

Christmas and Josh do battle, individually in part 2. It's a medieval theme with cut-outs of the evicted HGs. They get a question and must knock down all of the HGs who are not the answer. There are three rounds. They have multiple weapons to use and must reset someone if they knock down a correct answer.

Christmas can't remember what Matt did when he won the Power of Veto, mistakenly assuming he used it to save Raven or himself (he used it on Jason). She struggles because she knows the right answers, but using the slingshot and crossbow to knock down the right people is hard.

Josh also has problems, knocking down the wrong HGs. The last question (the HGs who were on the block 3 or more times on eviction night) trips him up and he takes a long time.

Christmas: 1 hour, 39 minutes
Josh: 1 hour, 32 minutes

Josh wins part 2 of the Final HoH.

Wow, that competition took a heck of a long time for both of them. Christmas is disappointed that she no longer has the option of taking herself to the end.

Paul is confident that Josh will take him to the Final 2 and he believes he can beat him. He admits that losing last year by one vote was heartbreaking.

Christmas is disappointed in herself and debates whether she's exceptional for staying in the game with a broken foot or if she just got dragged to the end because of it.

Josh has dreamed of winning the game since he was 14 and he doesn't know if he's going to take Paul or Christmas if he wins the Final HoH. He thinks taking out Paul would be his one big move to secure a win.

The Jury Roundtable

The first eight members of the jury meet with season 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby to debate the Final 3. Cody says that Kevin will be in fourth place because he's more likeable than the others. Everyone laughs. Raven says she thinks it will be Christmas, but when Kevin walks in, she says "I knew it."

Mark immediately goes in on Matt and Raven and gets into a huge fight with Maven about how irrelevant they were. Alex and Jason are very angry at Paul.

Raven calls Josh emotionally unstable and says he just got lucky. Kevin agrees and Cody doesn't respect him. They all think Josh doesn't deserve to win, but they respect him more than Paul because at least he said what he felt instead of hiding behind closed doors.

They all agree that Christmas is only there because of her broken foot. But they think she's playing a good social game.

Kevin thinks Paul should win because he outsmarted everyone. Cody and Mark are upset that Paul had advantages because he was a veteran. Dr. Will tries to defend that other people had benefits too, like the Halting Hex. They are very salty that he overplayed. Elena says that she's bitter and he crossed the line. Alex feels the same way, especially because he belittled everyone.

The Marlena/Jalex group really hates how cruel Paul was with his backstabbing while Maven stand by Paul for playing the best game. Mark doesn't respect the games that were played and Jason proudly says that he's a sore loser. Dr. Will tries to get them to be less bitter, but it doesn't work. Alex, Elena, Mark and Jason are VERY mad.

The Final HoH, Part 3

It's the scales of justice where Paul and Josh answer eight questions about things the jurors said after they were evicted.

Paul gets the first one right, but Josh gets the second one right. After four questions, Josh takes a one point lead. After six questions, Paul has 2 and Josh has 3. Josh gets the seventh question right and ends it.

Josh wins the Final HoH!

Wow, that was a total shocker. And now Paul is denied tying Janelle's record of winning 9 HoHs/PoVs because he only has 8.

The Final Eviction

Josh has the power and must evict Paul or Christmas. Paul says he had Josh's back all season. Christmas says she loves both of them dearly and sounds like she's giving up.

Josh votes to evict...Christmas!

He explains that he pissed off a lot of people in jury and they might like Christmas too much. Just like Ian Terry on season 14, Josh takes the veteran to the Final 2 and hopes that the jury is bitter enough to give him the win.

They share a long hug and Paul tells her to throw her crutch at Cody. Julie Chen has to tell her to leave again. Christmas says she's proud of Josh because he acts with his heart and she thinks this is the best strategic move for him. She thinks Josh has a better chance to win against Paul. She laughs and cries a lot and she's proud of herself for sticking with it.

The Final 2 vs. the Jury

It's Josh vs. Paul and ow it's time for the final speeches and the interrogation by the jury. The jury is shocked that Josh won the Final HoH.

Elena asks Paul about his bullying tactics. He claims he didn't and he mediated on behalf of others.

Matt asks Josh for his biggest move and he claims he's been a superfan since he was 14 and that he aligned with the outsiders and used Christmas as a mole within the big alliance. He also thinks taking out Alex was his big move because she was a great competitor.

Alex asks Paul about destroying friendship. He claims that he didn't break friendship or his alliances and took people as far as he could, but wouldn't sacrifice his game for others.

Cody asks Josh about being Paul's puppet. Josh says he downplayed his intelligence and let others trust in him.

Jason asks Paul why he lied to them on their way out. He claims he did what he said he'd do and had to go with the house to avoid making himself a target.

Mark asks Josh about crying after his fights. He wanted to expose people's games and used his fights to do that, but he felt badly about it because he genuinely liked them.

Christmas asks Josh about whether he'd evict her scooter or her crutches. He chooses Pepe the scooter.

I would say Josh won that round. He talked a lot about his strategy and his game while Paul simply denied everything and refused to own the game he played.

Paul's Final speech: He says that everyone wanted to take him out and he had to play hard. He brags about his social game and putting himself between three pairs and won 9 competitions and had total control over his weeks as HoH. He worked hard and made tough decisions and never touched the block.

Josh's Final Speech: He played fearlessly, put targets on people's backs and aligned himself strategically. He put his targets on the block and took out Alex. He loses his train of thought and says he gave it everything and he made himself underestimated.

Cody claims that he'll stay true to his word while Elena says there was no jury management. Maven talk about voting for who played the best game. Alex votes for who stabbed her in the front, not the back.

The Pre-Jury Reunion

Cameron, Jillian, Dominique, Ramses and Jessica show up to discuss the season now that the votes are locked in. Jessica says she was right about Paul and says he laughed behind their backs. She calls them out for saying that they wanted Paul to win and it was embarrassing. Julie Chen shows a montage of everyone saying that they trust Paul in the diary room with Paul bragging about being the puppet master. The jury laughs about how dumb they were.

Jessica says that Paul would've gotten her vote. Jason admits that he forfeited his opinion in favor of Paul and Alex says it's her fault. Paul continues to defend that he's still about friendship. Then Julie shows them Josh's goodbye messages, revealing Paul's involvement in everything and Paul is definitely shocked. Paul calls him a coward. Paul is genuinely upset and pissed off at what Josh did.

Cameron says they were all playing for each other, not for themselves. Julie grills Alex on saying that Jason was her ride-or-die in front of everyone. Cody says that he's been warned multiple times that he can't run across the stage to hug Jessica.

Who Is the Winner?

It's time to reveal the votes.

Christmas voted for...Paul
Kevin voted for...Paul
Alex voted for...Josh
Raven voted for...Paul
Jason voted for...Josh
Matt voted for...Paul
Mark voted for...Josh
Elena voted for...Josh
Cody voted for...Josh

Josh Martinez is the winner of Big Brother 19!

OH. MY. GOD. For the second year in a row, Paul loses in a 5-4 vote, coming down to the final vote and the first member of the jury. You can tell he's devastated and Josh is shocked and elated. Josh is the first non-white man ever to win the game and only the second minority, joining season 4's Jun Song. These people need to talk to an Anthropologist and get their racial groups straight.

This is definitely an epic and shocking ending, and one that will leave fans questioning how Paul screwed up. Based on Paul's reaction, I think Josh's goodbye messages were definitely a big factor.

Josh is speechless. Paul is very dejected as Raven comforts him. Julie Chen rubs it in that he's a bridesmaid again. He has no idea how he came up short. He is very sad.

America's Favorite Player

Finally, Julie reveals these results, with over 15 million votes. The Top 3 were Kevin, Cody and Jason.

Cody wins America's Favorite Player!

Wow, he casts the last vote to cost Paul the game, and then his arch rival wins AFP. That's gotta be hard. Cody ends it perfectly by saying "It doesn't make sense.

Celebrity Big Brother will air this Winter and Big Brother 20 will air in summer 2018.

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Re: BB 19 finale !!

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