Star Trek: Discovery

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Star Trek: Discovery

Post  Banjo on 2017-09-25, 14:21

After watching the first two eps I'd say this will be a success. There are a couple of things that stand out however;

Even though it takes place 10 years before the first version, Kirk/Spock, etc. the technology looks more advanced. This couldn't be avoided since current techniques, CGI, green screen, video capture, holographic representation , etc. were all unknown during production of the original series and even the later TV series and of course the producers wouldn't want to be hampered with plywood and cardboard sets. tongue

Why the uniforms changed in the intervening 10 years is harder to explain but the Discovery versions are more stylish and 'futuristic'. It's been pointed out that the representation of the Klingons have changed over the years so the 'new' ones can't be faulted and I suspect are CGI in many scenes, even the closeups.

The phasors are more 'modernistic' than the originals also and so far don't seem to have a 'stun' setting. At least they used only lethal settings in ep 2.

Also, with the many, extended scenes of the Klingons speaking Klingon with English subtitles this will give students of their language (there are some) a lot to work with in developing pronunciations, grammer, etc. Sheldon Cooper will be proud. roflmao

Two of the exec. prods. are Berg and Harbets. They have been a team for years and were writers on Roswell. I've started to watch the "After Discovery" show, just a few minutes in, but the host is annoying. Chris Hardwick does a much better job on the Talking Dead shows. Aaron Harbets is on too, he looks younger than I expected. He and Berg (wife or partner, not sure) must have been really young when they started on Roswell.

Probably more to say later after I've watched "...After...".

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