A compilation of three season finales and 'cliffhangers'

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A compilation of three season finales and 'cliffhangers'

Post  Banjo on 2018-06-12, 14:45

It's easier than putting them on each show thread.

#1. Fear the Walking Dead, the first half season finale.   Undoubtedly the most traumatic for the fans......Madison Clark/Kim Dickens buys the farm, burning herself up along with a horde of Walkers that she lured into a barn and threw a flare onto the straw covered floor, doing it to save the others outside. Her "daughter" Alycia is the only one left of her family, her husband being killed in Mexico and her son Nick being killed earlier this season.  Kim has been on the show since the start and is considered the "mother" by the other cast members with her acting expertise and willingness to help anyone. Domingo Coleman had to wipe away tears on the Talking Dead show when talking about Kim's helpfulness.  But on a lighter note she did reveal that a Deadwood movie is in early talks, and she will undoubtedly be in it. She had a good role in the Deadwood series on HBO, which was inexplicably canceled after just two seasons. FTWD will be back for the second half of the season in August and it will be interesting to see how the 'character dynamics' change with Madison gone.




The showrunners defend their decision:


Others criticize:


#2 The Crossing . This is probably a series finale as well as the season finale because NBC cancelled it and no signs of a pick up by any other networks. Given that the plot lines didn't know that when it was filmed we can only say that Dr. Sophie's apparent acquiring of the 'super strength'  of an Apex after being injected with some of the blood of the Apex Reese, and shown walking down the street in her hospital gown after breaking out of her hospital room, and with a look of rage in her eyes  in the final scene, is one of the two cliffhangers that will never be resolved. The other being the '40' that survived the trip from 2187 and having escaped from the camp where they were marked for execution.




#3 Billions. One of the best acted shows on TV but low profile even on Showtime but very interesting if you can follow the ins and outs of high finance, or even if you can't.  With Chuck fired by the AG as the U.S. Atty. for the southern district of NY (NYC) and Bobby being scammed out of multiple billion $$ by Taylor (an odd transgendered person) whom he had hired as a financial genius, but then she/he left to form her/his own company with his billion  $$. In the finale scene Bobby, Chuck and Chuck's wife, Wendy, played by Maggie Siff of 'Sons of Anarchy' fame, are sitting around Chuck's dining room table in NYC plotting their comeback against the forces arrayed against them. The dialog is not revealed as they lean close with expressions  of glee....no doubt next season will portray merciless retaliation as only Bobby and Chuck can dish out.




There you have it. Three excellent shows, two will survive.

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