BB day 14

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BB day 14

Post  Banjo on 2018-07-10, 14:05

With Swaggy on the block it will be interesting to see how he tries to manipulate the HGs into not voting for him to be evicted. As an ego-maniac it isn't within his normal 'psyche' to imagine that not everyone wouldn't love him without question and to have to face the opposite possibility could cause major mental trauma , although sheer physical threats seem unlikely given his demeanor up to this point....but anything is possible although Production would step in if such threats became obvious.

Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Ceremony Results
July 9, 2018 Matt Boyer Big Brother 20 94 Comments

This week’s Power of Veto meeting was held today in the Big Brother 20 house as this week’s winner had to decide whether or not to change up the nominations and that was going to happen in a big way this round. The results are in and we have this week’s final nominees.

Heading into this one Kaitlyn had told enough HGs her plan that it spread around the L6 side and soon it even spread to some of FOUTTE. She warned Haleigh who warned Angie who warned… no one. The two ladies even had a talk with Bayleigh earlier today about how strange it was that Tyler would save Scottie for an Angela renom. Well, she was right to question that move, but all the same her allies didn’t alert her. Not that it probably would have done much, but still. Too late now.
Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 2

Tyler decided to use the Veto
Scottie was saved by Tyler
Kaitlyn renom’d Swaggy
Swaggy and Winston are this week’s final noms

Gallery: Veto Ceremony fallout

Scottie is safe and Winston stays in the danger zone for this one, but is there really that much danger here for Winston? Swaggy currently thinks he has 5 votes so far and needs to keep working for his safety.

Swaggy is obviously going to be angry about this but even last night he said if he ever got up on the Block in a BD situation that he would have four days to fix it. That clock is ticking and I’m not sure he can pull this off, but we should really enjoy the Feeds in the meantime.

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