BB day 66

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BB day 66

Post  Banjo on 2018-08-31, 14:40

This guy is rather creepy anyway you look at it, and seems to have a juvenile outlook on things in general.

Meanwhile Faysal was booted last night but the 'battle back' function enabled him to compete with the other evicted Jury members to get back in the house. But he lost out to Scottie so he's gone for good.  Haleigh loses her showmance, but they pledge their undying devotion to each other. Rolling Eyes

Here we are at the beginning of another week of Big Brother 20, which means that another set of nominees will be picked later on today. Miss out on any of the action from last night’s live feeds? Check out our spoilers to get all caught up!

In the meantime, let’s talk about what the HOH this week is going to do. After Scottie won the Jury Battle Back and returned to the Big Brother house last night, the HGs went out to the yard to compete in this week’s HOH comp. At the end of this hour-long comp, it came down to Haleigh and Tyler and neither of them seemed to be budging. No deals were being talked about, they were both just hanging on as tight as they could hoping that the other would fall. In the end, Haleigh was the one who fell and Tyler found himself in power this week and safe from Haleigh’s wrath.

Last week L6 was talking about targeting Haleigh and if there was a Battle Back, they would put whoever returned to the house on the block next to her. If there wasn’t a Battle Back, Sam was going to be the “pawn” this week. Lucky for Sam, there was a Battle Back and now it looks like Haleigh will be joined by Scottie this week with Haleigh as the primary target. I’m thinking that if one of them should win the POV, Sam would most likely end up a renom.

On last night’s live feeds (2:35 am BBT cams 3 & 4), right before Tyler exited the DR after getting the okay to reveal his HOH room, his mic activated and you can hear someone asking him if he knew who his nominees were going to be this week. He sounded like he was still mulling it over, but did tell them that it will probably be Haleigh and Scottie and I don’t expect that to change unless something big happens between now and the nomination ceremony. I will say that Sam and JC have been doing their fair share of annoying Angela, Brett, Tyler, and Kaycee so they could find themselves as a renom if need be.

Do you think that this is a smart move for Tyler and L6? If not, who do you think his target should be?

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