Salvation season finale

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Salvation season finale

Post  Banjo on 2018-09-18, 14:21

Some of the eps in the middle of the season were rather tedious and irrelevant but the finale threw us a curve that few saw coming...not me for one. I thought that it would be a conventional cliffhanger; does the asteroid hit Earth, does it miss it, are the nukes used to blow it up...?  and we would be left  awaiting  the answer until next season.  But no, as soon as Tanz discovers that it will miss Earth it was obvious that we were in for a different cliffhanger. But still no clue until the very end....and then !!! spoilers.  two thumbs up  

But I'm afraid that the writers and prods may have sealed their fate with that cliffhanger and I wouldn't be surprised if it's cancelled before S2. If it does make it to S2 it's very unlikely that it would go any further and may be cancelled during the season. Wht do I say this...?  because TPTB at NBC can't tolerate that level of sci-fi-ishness (for lack of a better word) in their prime time lineup. Timeless is cancelled , Revolution was cancelled a few years ago, etc.  The trend is clear.  

As long as the plot line was "Earth in peril from a natural source"  NBC could tolerate it. But with the potential plot line which would be required to play out next season, It's "over NBCs head" and so bye-bye.

Too bad but the trend is clear.  Only if FX or SyFy or USA might pick it up would it have a chance to continue.

I just realized that this was the 2nd season. But my opinion still stands because S1 and most of S2 was mostly political and personal wranglings which are acceptable to NBC....but not 'real'  S-F.

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