BB day 84

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BB day 84

Post  Banjo on 2018-09-18, 15:04

Tomorrow is another double eviction taking the numbers down to the Final Three.  I think Kaycee does have a good chance to win.

Allison Grodner Interview: L6 Vs Brett, Kaycee Plays It Cool, & Double Evictions

September 18, 2018 Matt Boyer Big Brother 20 45 Comments

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Big Brother’s Executive Producer Allison Grodner took time again this week to chat with us about the latest Big Brother events. We saw L6 turn on Brett, Kaycee keep her hands clean, and a high anxiety Double Eviction episode. There was a lot going on last week on Big Brother 20 and we’ve got Grodner’s thoughts on what went down.
Big Brother Network: Angela & Tyler took the first shot inside L6 with Brett’s eviction. Do you think Brett would have made the same move against Kaycee & Angela had he won HOH in the DE?

Allison Grodner: Brett was definitely ready to take a shot at Kaycee and Angela but I wonder if Tyler would have been able to convince him not to in the fast-paced strategy of the live show. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Brett could have won HOH but Tyler had convinced him to throw the competition so he probably would/could have convinced him to target Sam or JC.
BBN: Kaycee has delivered 4 comp wins in the last 3 rounds, padding her resume nicely without offending Jurors in the process. Do you think this Jury would respect her game enough to crown her the winner?
Allison Grodner: Kaycee is in a great position. She has managed to have minimal blood on her hands and has remained someone that the jurors really like. She has a very good chance of winning.
BBN: Double Evictions are nerve-wracking for viewers and rarely leave most fans pleased. Do you get as nervous as fans? What’s the hardest part about DE’s for your team?

Allison Grodner: Double Evictions are thrilling and nerve-wracking for everyone including all of us behind the scenes. I love live television and the surprises it brings and there is always something unexpected that happens during a DE. One of the hardest things to deal with is the language used by our HGs in the moment. They are told multiple times during the commercial and package breaks that they are live and cannot use curse words but, in the heat of the moment, they forget and we are forced to censor which makes the conversations hard to follow.
BBN: Thank you!
It was an interesting situation to see L6 make the move against Brett and I’m still curious about Julie Chen revealing to him that it was Tyler who did the turning. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Tyler keep Brett from having turned but I guess someone had to go next from the group.
Do you think Kaycee could pull off the win if she’s there in F2 against all the Houseguests or might she still lose to Tyler? She’s been building her resume with a lot of wins while avoiding being that polarizing figure in the house and in the Jury. Share your thoughts!

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