Actors salaries

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Actors salaries

Post  Banjo on 2018-10-30, 11:27

If Norman Reedus is making $1 mill. per episode on The Walking Dead, I wonder what Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan are making ? Their names aren't on the list but they are the other two top actors on the show.

I worry about Millie Bobby Brown. What sort of personal life support does she have ? Family, counseling, responsible financial mgrs . etc . ? Getting that sort of money at such a young age, even if it doesn't go into her hands directly is always a danger, especially when she is the top publicity magnet on her show. Those other young actors are getting the big $$ too but they don't attract the publicity as Millie does.

I was thinking about this when seeing her at the U.S. GP last week. She was made up to look about 20 and when someone said something to her off camera, couldn't hear the remark, she responded ," I'm only 14 !" Who decided that she should attend that race ? Even if it was her decision she shouldn't have to put up with any nonsense.

Look what happened to Drew Barrymore. She had no one looking out for her and went downhill to drug addiction, but pulled herself out to career success, to her credit. two thumbs up

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