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Another Walking Dead spin off

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Another Walking Dead spin off Empty Another Walking Dead spin off

Post  Banjo 2021-10-13, 13:26

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No telling how this will be.  scratch

"...and an upcoming drama from TWD showrunner Angela Kang featuring Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, which is set to debut in 2023."
.....this should be good if the writing is decent because they are two of the three most popular actors/characters on the show....Lauren Cohan/Maggie Ree being the third.

The :World Beyond spin off was a bust , in my opinion and has never gotten much fan notice during or after its run.

Meanwhile I deleted my subscription to AMC + until the next batch of shows for the last season of The Walking Dead comes back in Feb. '22.

But then I realized that the new season of Fear The Walking Dead has just started so will have to renew subscription if I want to see the whole season because they only show one episode a week and my present subscrip. stops on Nov. 8 . The first ep of the new season really changed the 'look'. It won't be as interesting until more of the regular characters come back.

After the multiple nuclear missile launches at the end of last season it left what appears to be very wide spread devastation, the usual 'nuclear apocalypse' scenario. But they could over do it, because the number of missiles launched were from only one submarine so no accurate representation of exactly how many were launched as well as the peculiar situation where they all fell near the launch point for some reason.  scratch

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