9/11 on the BB forums...just a few....

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9/11 on the BB forums...just a few....

Post  Banjo on 2011-09-11, 13:08

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Good morning all.

and today we honor those who died 10 years ago. All of those brave people, the first responders, the passengers of the plane that went down in Pennsylvania, all of those who died. We grieve as a Nation, we remember as individuals. We lost so much.

On the feeds last night.

Adam has assured himself "3rd place" by telling both girls he will vote for whoever wins. He knows, they all know he's probably the swing vote, as he has been much of this summer. If you win this comp, you evict him so he can make that vote. Of course the girls had already decided but with Adam saying he'll cast his vote for whoever wins this last comp, and that is the person choosingt... it's a no brainer. give him the chance to be your fourth vote by evicting him.

I don't expect them to be very busy on the feeds, and honestly I don't have much more to say. that I think can be said.... we wait for Wed.

Have a good day, if one can say that on Sept 11 in the United States. Enjoy our freedom as so many have given their lives for it, including our Canadian friends. (and of course people from all over the world who died that day because we treasure freedom)


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Here is Ken's Daily Morning Analysis:

Morning all,

Thanks to Pie for posting this.

Porsche wins Part 2, and has leveraged a deal with Rachel to take each other to the F2 round, regardless of who wins part 3. This was the environment she was hoping for when she booted Jordan, and it has paid off. She and Rachel are now assured a money spot. Depending on who wins the Part 3, will determine the winner, IMO. If Rachel wins, she will get Adams vote, and win the by a 4-3 vote. If Porsche wins, she will get Adamís vote, and win by a 4-3 vote. Either girl is deserving of the F2, and both deserve to win.

Rachelís competition win streak was excellent, and speaks for itself. If Big Brother was just about winning competitions, Rachel would be the hands down winner. Rachelís road, while harder, was made so by her miserable social gameplay for the first 3/4thís of the game. She was not helped by her relationship with Brendan, who shut her down frequently, even when she was right. She was a strong competitor, and spent a fair number of times on the block, but contrary to her personal belief, she was only a primary target twice. First was after Brendanís first eviction, when her entire alliance saved her, especially Shelly, who should not have. The second was when she was on the block with Jordan, and the duo twist saved them. All the other times, she was shielded by players who were perceived to be stronger than her, including Brendan, Jeff, and even Jordan at the end.

Porsche is equally deserving. I have referred to her as the Keyser Soze of the season. In her first month she was almost invisible, trying to bond with the Vets, her chosen alliance, and being ignored. She was Jeffís preferred target at F10. The self destruction of the vets, as predicted, allowed her to go deep into the game, as the Vets started to target each other. By changing sides (not floating), making limited deals, which she kept, and winning comps, Porsche got herself to the end, without much help. She was the perennial low woman on the totem pole of each alliance she was in, being offered up at F8 when Jeff backdoored Dani, F5 against Kalia, and F4 with Adam. Her house awareness was superb, and she used that to leverage herself into her current state. She also never threw a competition she was in, and played without fear, a trait I admire in a player.

The big game changing moments occurred almost every week in this game, from the first boot, Dani being betrayed by B/R, Kaliaís failed HoH, Daniís revenge boot of Brendan the second time, Porscheís double eviction night performance, Rachel winning the duo twist Veto, and Porsche winning the F4 veto. Every player made mistakes, and I would not view this season as one where stellar strategy or gameplay was in evidence. The house was very opportunistic this year, with no player, except Dani and Shelly, actually attempting to shape the house to favor them. That both these players ultimately failed is a testament to how hard it is to actually accomplish.

I have had a tremendous time on BBU, and hope to have my access problems fixed prior to the end of the season, but if not, this will be my good bye for the year. I want to thank the mods, Lexie and Rob for all their hard work, especially Kitty boodles who posted for me, when I felt I had something to say. I also want thank Head, Pie, Wolfie, Nono, Hip, and all the other posters who interacted with me. Agree or disagree, I love the strategy of this game, and finding people who will discuss it is a special gift that BBU provides.

Again, these are only my opinions. Hope to see many of you back next year.


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Good Morning All

Remembering 10 years ago
Remembering that so many airplanes were diverted to Canadian airports and Nova Scotiia and Newfoundland received the most....All American passengers were given shelter, clothing and food by my fellow Canadians and so many have since returned to our Provinces to continued friendships made that day.
We finally came together as one nation(North American)! We were comrades in a desperate time and have continued that comaraderie to this day.....so sad that it took a terrorist attack to bring it to the forefront.
May we all remember

I kinda wish that Adam had won the 2nd comp....then he would have faced off with Rat and probably would win....but I am now glad that Porsche showed that she can still win.

Hope for a Adam/Porsche Finale with Porsche being declared the Winner of BB13!
JMO and Wish!

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