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CBS Sunday Morning...

Post  Banjo on 2014-02-23, 11:40

I watch whenever I'm home on Sun. morning, usually an interesting mix of news/interviews with actors/ odd features/etc.

I mention it because this morning they did a feature on "Portlandia" which runs on the IFC Channel, I had heard of it but didn't know where it ran, then after the CBS piece I remembered that IFC is on my Dish menu. Hadn't paid any attention but then looked and saw that an episode of Portlandia from 2013 was running right then. The new season starts this Thursday.

It is written and produced by Fred Armisen from SNL and Carrie Brownstein whom I had never heard of but they do a good job.

After watching the CBS piece I watched the episode. It's pretty funny. The premise is a satirical send up of the radical, leftist goings-on in the real Portland, OR. On the CBS piece Fred took the reporter into the various real stores that they feature on the show. They just change the names outside but he said they usually don't have to change anything inside, or add props, etc. The real goofiness is adequate. The feminist book stores/organic food stores/ crazy retro clothing stores, etc.

Fred and Carrie play various types of married couples, different clothes/names/etc. to suit the subject matter while they grapple with the weirdness of living in such a place. They only film in the summer so that they might occasionally have some sunlight.   roflmao 

In the ep that I watched Fred plays a guy that hears about a program called ," A Bachelor". After being corrected that it's "The Bachelor", he decides he must see it but of course doesn't own a TV. After buying a used, ~15" , old CRT TV he watches but discovers that MTV has been hijacked by "The Tweens", with features like "10 healthful after school snacks". He is outraged. Where is the old MTV with the music videos, funky clothes, etc. ?  He and
Carrie vow to take it back and go to a place called "New York City"... scratch where MTV is rumored to be headquartered. With 3 other guys who are "experts" because they have children who are "tweens", they burst into the office of the president of MTV, a snarky 14 year old girl. In the end they succeed in returning MTV to its former "glory".

The episodes taking place in Portlandia are funnier as shown on the CBS piece. The stuffed mouse painted white, wearing a top hat and carrying a spear can actually be bought in one of the gift shops. Armisen took the reporter in and showed her.

Now that I know where to watch, I'll be there.  two thumbs up

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