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BB day 28/33

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Big Brother 16: Cody’s Renom That Almost Was

Posted: 22 Jul 2014 11:50 AM PDT

The week that almost was on Big Brother 16. Yesterday Cody had an important to decision to make when it came to the Power of Veto Ceremony as he was torn between what he thought he should do and what he wanted to do. The choice would have a major impact on the game.
Cody Calafiore

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Following Saturday’s competition we knew things would change, but the choice seemed predetermined and unwavering. When the Veto holder put it in to play Cody would name his renom and the week would carry on. Shortly before the meeting on Monday that all hung in the balance after a private plea.

Flashback to Monday 7/21 at 11:45 AM BBT Cams 1/2 to find Donny talking with Cody. Cody was dreading this conversation as he said he didn’t know what to say to Donny. Cody’s plan was to put Donny up on the block against Brittany to insure her departure and Donny suspected as much.

Talking with Cody, Donny reminded him that while he wouldn’t think any less of Cody if he were renom’d, he didn’t want it to happen and encouraged Cody to look at another option. At 11:00 AM BBT Cody says he’s made his decision and he will not be putting Donny on the block. They hug and Donny leaves.

Cody goes downstairs and tells HGs that he’s putting Caleb on the block even though he still wants Brittany to go home. Cody blames Caleb for winning the Veto competition and then choosing cash over the medallion thus leaving it in Victoria’s hands and causing this problem for Cody. He feels it’s unfair for Donny to pay the price for Caleb’s ego. Cody says

Frankie jumps up, runs to find Derrick, wakes him up, and sends the Cleaner to go reset Cody’s plans. Derrick goes to Cody, who knows Frankie ratted his plans to him (Cody calls Frankie a “f**king weasel). Derrick says that he’s not going to talk him out of it, but thinks it’s a bad idea.

Feeds cut and the Veto Ceremony is underway. When it’s over we find Donny sitting in the hot seat and Cody pacing in the HoH room. He’s upset and decided against his plan. Cody is very upset with how things went down and says a lot of negative things about his decision. Later we hear that Frankie got in his ear while the HGs were on outside lockdown as Victoria pondered whether or not to use the Veto on herself.

Had Caleb gone up on the block he most likely would have been voted out. I do not doubt that at all. Cody didn’t think that would happen, but the house would have jumped at the chance. Here’s the kicker. Caleb had volunteered repeatedly the night before to be used as a pawn saying he didn’t care and thought he’d be safe. Had Cody put him on the block and said it was as a pawn, Caleb would not have been upset and he likely would have been completely blindsided on Thursday night.

Instead we have a practically locked vote and a predictable week ahead of us until Brittany is sent home in what I expect to be a unanimous vote on Thursday’s live eviction show.

Here’s why I don’t think it was the terrible and risky choice some fans say it would have been for Cody to renom Caleb.

Caleb said to do it. He literally said “put me up, I don’t care.” Caleb is already more or less an ally. Caleb has already suggested he considers Cody his number one male target for nomination, whether that was in passing anger/jealous is another discussion. If Caleb stayed then it’s simply, “our plan worked! Thanks, Caleb.” If Caleb was evicted then he’d go home and not to Jury.

Donny asked not to be the renom pawn. Donny is largely unaffiliated and is looking for allies. Promising Donny safety and delivering on it would have been a big trust builder and if any HG in there is going to gamble with his own game later to make good on a promise, it’d be Donny. And so far, Donny has the most wins in the season.

Brittany was looking for salvation. Putting Donny up against her secures her departure. Putting Caleb up against her keeps in the game and makes a grateful, though admittedly uncertain, potential ally.

The whole game is a gamble and we see both sides of the coin that the HGs can not thanks to the Live Feeds. Hard to tell with any certainty which was the “smarter” choice for Cody, but I think it’s safe to say this was the much less exciting option for us this week. Time to pack up Week 4 and await a new hope in Week 5 of Big Brother 16.

What do you think of Cody’s decision on Monday? Which choice would you have made if you were the Head of Household?

Well, for darn sure I would have done something to insure Britanny's safety....  beatdown 

The women had better wake up soon or the men will roll right over them to the finals
.....  twister 

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