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BB day 42

Post  Banjo on 2016-07-27, 14:21

Almost a classic BB scenario. It takes a "sweet and innocent" personality such as Bridgette (known in the house as Frank's Cabbage Patch Kid) to be emotionally molested by a scheming bully such as Paul to reach 'classic' proportions but this is this seasons 'achievement'.

Big Brother 18: Paul Goes In To Overkill With Bridgette
By: Matthew Boyer | July 27, 2016 at 1:30 PM EDT

Paul Abrahamian is an interesting Houseguest for Big Brother 18. He’s loud, he’s obnoxious, he’s Paul. Last night he reminded us all of that when he put an overly elaborate plan in to action all to extract a little bit of information from Bridgette Dunning.

Paul Abrahamian and Bridgette Dunning on Big Brother 18

It was late in the night when Paul sat Bridgette down and told her he had unfortunate news. Her closest ally is against her and no one likes her, but if she tells him everything she knows then maybe he can help her.

Paul coordinated with Paulie to divide and conquer with Paulie getting Frank aside inside the house while Paul took Bridgette outside. They wanted to find out from Bridgette, at least in part, what was going on with Nicole and Corey.

Flashback to 3:15 AM BBT 7/27 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial) to find Paulie talking with Frank inside while Paul takes Bridgette out to the hammock.

Paul starts things off saying he’s tired of all the bullying that’s been going on and he doesn’t like what Frank has been doing. He tells Bridgette that he has learned she doesn’t want to stay and wants to go home. Paul suggests Paulie is telling HGs this because it’s what Frank allegedly told him.

Bridgette is shocked. She says she definitely wants to stay and she didn’t say that. Paul tells her Frank is actively campaigning against her and the votes have flipped to send her home. He promises this is not an effort to drive a wedge between her and Frank, but cause one of them is already going home. It’s definitely an effort to wedge them apart and get her talking.

Settle in because this conversation goes on for over an hour from start to finish. Paul takes this time to tell Bridgette how much everyone dislikes her and how bad her attitude is and everything wrong with her game play. He’s being a thorough jerk to her nearly bringing Bridgette to tears. Do you remember why he was doing all this? Oh, to find out what Nicole was up to.

Paul may have just spent all that time deconstructing Bridgette’s self-esteem, but hey she’s saving herself right now by having this talk with him, he tells her. Paul will take care of everything, he just needs her to tell him what she knows. (3:50 AM BBT)

At 4:00 AM BBT Bridgette starts to detail how Nicole and Corey are playing both sides. He wants to know more details. She explains that what Frank told Da’Vonne about watching out for Nicole was true and she’s heard details directly from Nicole to support that.

Ten minutes later Bridgette explains Frank has been setting up plans for what either of them should do next week and that was to go after Nicole and Corey before he changed it over Nicole and James. Bridgette is giving Paul everything he wants to hear and more.

Another ten minutes passes and Paul advises Bridgette that she can trust him, Paulie, and Da’Vonne. He tells her to go inside and tell Da’Vonne and Paulie everything she knows. Bridgette gets up and heads back in to the house as Frank comes out without a clue of what’s been going on.

Paul grabs Frank and they hang out on the couch so Bridgette can go talk to Da’Vonne and Paulie where she hangs her head upset that Frank has been working against her. They pile on and encourage this attitude.

Meanwhile outside Frank is talking with Paul who says he was just clearing the air with Bridgette and asks Frank about Bridgette not wanting to stay. Frank denies that and says neither he nor Bridgette wants to go home. He denies saying anything otherwise.

After Paul talked with Frank he was able to go back inside and relay information. He puffed up his story that he was all “Bam! In your face, Frank! I ain’t voting for you to stay!” Actually he really wouldn’t take full responsibility and just cited group decisions, etc. Paul talks a big game when he does his retells. That’s fine, it’s Big Brother.

Overall this just got Da’Vonne more confirmation of what she suspected about not trusting Nicole. Paulie will continue to say he’s uncertain. Then Paul will be Paul.

So did Bridgette buy it? Yes. Did it last? No.

Jump ahead to 5:45 AM BBT (they never sleep) as Frank and Bridgette sit down by the pool. She’s obviously upset and he’s trying to figure out what’s bothering Bridgette. She finally tells him what she’s been told and he’s upset. Frank assures Bridgette he never said that and instead Paulie overhead them commiserating that neither wanted to be there anymore.

Frank also tells Bridgette he has not campaigned against her and instead only asked Nicole and Zakiyah about their votes, but both gave him bad news. Now we know that earlier in the night Frank spoke with Michelle (1:20 AM BBT) about “if he stayed” situations and they go through a vote count of people who might vote for him to stay. It’s not really campaigning against Bridgette as much as he’s weighing his options and the possibilities of him staying.

So by the end of the night, really it’s fully morning by this point, Frank and Bridgette have worked things out. Frank promises Bridgette she’s still his “ride or die” and says maybe he’s got that magic ticket. If he does, then Frank is right back in the game on Thursday night. That’d be crazy, but the odds are stiff on this one.

What a strange night. Paul spent more than an hour working over Bridgette to get a few bits of information. Surely he could have done this better, but as Paul is certain to let everyone know, he’s a master of Big Brother and no one else knows what they’re doing in there. At least he’s entertaining, when he’s not busily breaking down the other HGs.

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