Big Brother renewed through 2018 !

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Big Brother renewed through 2018 !

Post  Banjo on 2016-08-10, 14:34 this fall's S19 streaming season and we have 3 more years ! woohoo clap

CBS Announces Big Brother Renewed Through 2018 Ė 3 Seasons On Their Way
By: Matthew Boyer | August 10, 2016 at 2:00 PM EDT

Exciting Big Brother news coming from CBS this morning as the series has been renewed through 2018 with seasons 19 and 20 confirmed for the next two summers. Wait, what about BB19 this Fall on All Access? Oh itís still there, but CBS appears to be separating the two.

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the BB18 house

This is the second consecutive double season renewal for Big Brother with CBS after the 2014 news that took us through this season. Ratings have continued to hold strong this summer for the series as it frequently wins the top demographics with its three nights a week broadcasts.

With this news of a double renewal (via THR) weíre now stacking two more summer seasons of Big Brother on top of the upcoming Fall 2016 online-only season as well. Yes, thatís three awesome seasons of Big Brother on their way for fans. Thatís pretty incredible.

CBS isnít currently revealing how theyíre going to handle the Fall season, which we expected to be Big Brother 19, other than saying it will be a digital exclusive for their All Access subscribers where weíll get both Live Feeds and all the episodes delivered through online streaming. And yes, you will be able to watch those episodes on your TV without much effort.

So if Big Brother 19 is now going to be next summer but theyíre still doing this Fall 2016 season of Big Brother then what is it going to be called? We donít know and CBS isnít saying. However just last week Julie Chen tweeted, ďThereís no Big Brother without the #Chenbot !! #BB19 Iíll see you this fall.Ē Obviously thatís not official PR messaging anymore, but seems like sheíd be in the know.

Iím wondering if CBS decided to reel things back in and come up with a spin off approach for the digital edition of Big Brother so they didnít have to skip around for its summer to summer season sequences. I think thatís going to make things incredibly confusing as fans are likely still to call the next season as BB19. Considering it will be the 19th season and all.

However it works out I am thrilled to hear that CBS has as much confidence in Big Brother as we have love for it. Itís my favorite reality show and summer fun so this is really exciting for us here on the site. We have years more of Big Brother fun to share together and canít wait to see what happens next!

Are you excited for two more years of Big Brother? If this online only version goes well then we might see a repeat of that next year too which means weíd get FOUR seasons in two years. Someone catch me, I think Iím going to pass out from exhaustion.

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