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BB day 77

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Too many things could go wrong for her to win unless Paul is evicted soon, also Victor, although he is less of a threat.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Why Nicole Could Win 'Big Brother 18' -- and What She Needs to Do to Seal the Deal

Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

There has been a plethora of twists on Big Brother 18. The biggest surprise might be still to come. A winner has yet to be crowned and honestly anyone (who is not named Corey) has a chance to win it all, but the most recent frontrunner to emerge is a bit of a shock. After months of high-pitched whining and silly backstabbing, Nicole actually stands a chance at winning Big Brother 18.

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From Worst to (One of the) Best

It wasn't that long ago on Big Brother 18 that Nicole was playing one of the worst games. She was the tag-along member of an all-guys alliance. She burned nearly every other solid alliance she had in the house by lying and/or betraying people's trust. In a house full of terrible female competitors, Nicole was one of the worst. She was perpetually among the first people eliminated during both Power of Vetos and Head of Household events.

Since the Big Brother 18 houseguests have managed to consistently eliminate the big threats, it has allowed people on the bottom like Nicole to rise up. There are still a few people in the house who are no-brainers to win the $500,000 if they manage to make it to the Final Two. The only people who could possibly take down Paul or Victor are probably Paul and Victor. Yet among the five other people currently remaining in the house, Nicole is probably in the best position. If she makes the exact right moves she could easily earn herself that $500,000.

Human Targets

In the endgame of Big Brother 18, Nicole's biggest weakness has become her biggest asset. People have repeatedly warned that Nicole cannot be trusted but still people align with her and tell her their big plans. As a result Nicole (and her boy toy Corey) have found themselves in the middle of two Final Four alliances. Only one of these deals proves a real threat to their game. By positioning herself firmly in the middle of the Victor and Paul vs. Natalie and James battle, Nicole has taken all the heat off herself and Corey.

Nicole has set herself up rather beautifully for the next one or two weeks of Big Brother 18. Natalie, James, Paul and Victor will be going after one another until presumably one of them is entirely eliminated. Both twosomes view the opposing side as a threat to them winning the game. Nicole and Corey are completely ignored by both factions and that ironically probably makes Nicole the biggest threat to actually win.

Corey is never going to win Big Brother 18. The jury, sans Paulie, does not respect him and Corey has done nothing the entire summer but align himself with better players. The only way that Corey is making it to the Final Two is as someone else's easy choice to beat or by Nicole's goodwill/blind affection for him. If Nicole's plan to have one of the other twosomes destroy each other goes through, she is in a great spot. Assuming, of course, that the remaining twosome is not Paul and Victor.

Finishing Strong

If Paul and Victor survive the battle with James and Natalie, it is just another thing to add to their Big Brother 18 resume. They are the best players in the game, bar none. If Nicole and Corey make the Final Four with those two guys, they (but really Nicole) are going to have a very hard time beating them. There is a chance Nicole could take them out but it is a slim one. Nicole's best shot is to hope for -- and facilitate -- a win for James and Natalie. James and Natalie, especially the former, have played a very similar game to Nicole all season -- a virtually nonexistent game.

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While Nicole has seemed to begin to understand that Corey is not the best thing she can come out of the Big Brother 18 house with, James has not played the game in any meaningful way. James is using all his brainpower to play childish pranks on his other houseguests rather than playing Big Brother. James either does exactly what Natalie wants or tries to make himself seem as nonthreatening as possible. James never wants to make a big power move and big power moves are the only way to win Big Brother.

Nicole has become Head of Household at the perfect time in Big Brother 18. She is using her power wisely for her long-term game by getting rid of a personal threat with Michelle. All Nicole needs to do is keep this streak of wise game moves going, continuing to use Corey as her personal lap dog to do whatever she wants and hope that she just has to face down Natalie and James for the final spots. Since Natalie and James are nearly as useless in competitions as Nicole and Corey, it's a very even match. It would have been unthinkable in the middle of the season but Nicole might be on the verge of a huge comeback.

Nicole could end up repeating the history of the last Big Brother female winner, Rachel Reilly. Nicole, like Rachel, is a polarizing houseguest who is involved in a showmance. Nicole, like Rachel, has played an erratic and confusing game for most of the season. Now, like Rachel was at the end of Big Brother 15, Nicole is an position to really turn things around. If Nicole eliminates the remaining threats she could finish so strong that she wins Big Brother 18.

But what do you think? Does Nicole stand a shot at winning Big Brother 18? Do you want to see her win? Is Nicole smart and powerful enough to pull it off? Do you think Natalie and James could easily beat Nicole and Corey in the end? Are Victor and Paul really that big of threats?

Big Brother 18 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 9pm on CBS.

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Do you think Nicole is going to win?
No, something will go wrong.
Yes, she is finally playing the game smart.
Yes, but I don't want her to win.

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