BB day 79

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BB day 79

Post  Banjo on 2016-09-01, 12:39

No big surprises for tonight. Michelle is evicted then the remaining 6 settle down for the scheming, betraying, lying, run to the finish.... clap

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‘Big Brother 18’ Eviction Prediction: Who Will Be Voted Out Tonight?
By: Matthew Boyer | September 1, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

Ready to find out who will be voted off Big Brother 18 tonight as Paul and Michelle face the eviction results reveal? With just four votes up for grabs the pair won’t have much room for error when it comes time for the DR decisions.

Michelle and Paul face eviction on BB18

Paul has been working closely with Nicole and Corey all week while Michelle has been working closely with her mattress and pillow all week. Which move will offer safety and which will provide a restful slumber? Find out tonight on CBS! Or just keep reading.

Michelle has not yet asked Nicole or Corey about the vote. Let that sink in. We’re now hours away from the vote and Michelle has been on the Block since last Friday. Aside from her trip to see Nicole’s HoH reveal on Thursday Michelle hasn’t bothered to go upstairs and ask a simple question. Sigh.

Meanwhile Paul was in on the plan to go up as a pawn to help Nicole secure her target’s eviction with Michelle leaving and now they’re just steps away from making that happen. Overnight things got even more final when Corey offered Victor his BB Bribe to make sure Michelle would walk out that door. Victor accepted the deal and now Michelle has one vote against her. Add in Corey’s vote and we’ve got our tie with Nicole ready to say goodbye to the failed snake charmer.

James and Natalie don’t know this exchange of Bribe and vote has happened as James continues to promise both his allies that Nicole and Corey are with them and wouldn’t vote out Michelle. James hasn’t bothered to confirm these beliefs but rather has relied on his gut. Bad gut. Bad, bad gut.

Michelle suggested overnight that she expects to be evicted and she should be anticipating that move. Remember that Michelle stood up and called Nicole a snake and has reminded everyone how former targets revealed Nicole was betraying them and could not be trusted. Michelle has also openly stated Nicole as her target so not only is this move by Corey and Nicole to be expected but it’s also a smart move for their game to get out a vocal critic who has won comps and could do it again especially in a narrowed field of competitors.

By the end of the night I’m expecting Michelle to be voted out 2-2 with Nicole breaking the tie. If James and Natalie find out the real plan then it’s possible they’ll flip their votes but aside from doing Nicole the favor of keeping the blood off her hands there’s not much point. And why would they do her that favor anyway?

The pressure will be on at the next HoH competition which we might get to watch on the Live Feeds (get your Free Trial now) as it could be three against two with the sides facing off for the next week’s control of Big Brother 18. What do you hope to see happen tonight? Share your thoughts below!

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