BB day 21

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BB day 21

Post  Banjo on 2017-07-11, 16:04

Nothing of consequence happening in the house today. They did have a b'day party for Dominique and Christmas explained what her foot recovery sched. is. She will have to have springs  and pins  installed soon then another operation to remove them this fall after everything is healed.  The sched. doesn't look like she'll be able to get the cast off before BB 19 ends, and even after the cast is off she has to do phys. therapy.   But so far no word on not allowing her to continue on BB.

Meanwhile I am faithfully voting for the Den of Temptation recipient regardless of when they reveal the next HG to get it. This time I'm voting for Raven.

Jessica is of a personality type that won't let her compromise and seek alliances after Cody is gone on Thursday. She will mope around tragically for a week, her one true love of 3 weeks gone forever, her life over as she sees it. Further  tragedy, unforeseen but surely lurking out there waiting to plunge her deeper into horror beyond imagination....etc. Rolling Eyes

Last night:

Kevin told Jason he'll never vote to evict him or Alex, and Jason said he'll extend the same courtesy. Josh and Mark agreed to watch each other's backs going forward. Kevin told Mark the game forces "nice stand-up guys" to snap, unless they choose to just sit back and watch others implode. Dominique told Raven she thinks Raven "deserves" to win to cover her medical bills, and that she (Dominique) isn't there for the $500k. Observant Hamsterwatchers will recall many prior winners said the same on their way to the money. Cody and Jessica remained isolated to themselves, with most of the others ignoring them by choice or orders. Raven made a sad-looking cake was made for the birthays: Dominique's tomorrow and Jason's Wednesday.

Christmas made a formal announcement to them that she'd be having foot surgery on Wednesday (originally it was going to be today) and expects to be back Thursday. That was behind fishies, but apparently Cody walked out midway, and most of them agreed that was over the line, "personal," and another reason to vote him out. Jessica and Christmas met just afterwards to go over their various loops of their feud, but they ended with a hug. Retells ensued, like they do.

They got new bowls and towels from the CBS store and were alternately excited and paranoid about their meaning. A lengthy pool game took place later, complete with fights over rules and everyone but Cody & Jessica watching, most of them more invested in it than they seem to be in the bigger game they're all playing. They hollered HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dominique at midnight, and tried to force a lap dance on her featuring Raven, Jason Frog, and Josh's ass, but she wasn't having it.

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