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BB day 11 or 12 ?

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BB day 11 or 12 ? Empty BB day 11 or 12 ?

Post  Banjo 2020-08-16, 16:55

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Nominations – David & NicoleA
Power of Veto Players are – Memphis, David, NicoleA, NicoleF, Ian, Tyler
POV Host: Enzo
Power of Veto holder – Memphis
Power of Veto Ceremony –
Safety Suite – Christmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
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We can predict from this that it is harder than usual to predict who will be booted on Thursday. Nicole A is whiny and paranoid about being evicted so that sometimes causes an HG with that sort of attitude to be booted just to stop having to listen to them.   David is determined to 'go all the way' and shapes up to be a dangerous competitor so the other HGs may want to get rid of him early on. But on the other hand since David got to play as an 'All Star' in spite of never having earned that status, but being included by the prods as sort of a 'sympathy' casting, there is the possibility that the other HGs may preserve his 'sympathy' status and keep him around this week. Since Memphis has POV he could use it and pull either one of them off the block and name a new nominee. Who that might be is unclear at the moment. So....a difficult prediction at this time. scratch

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