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BB winner predictions

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BB winner predictions Empty BB winner predictions

Post  Banjo 2021-09-29, 13:01

These are all reasonable. Xavier will win regardless....two thumbs up

I would have preferred that Alyssa wins America's Favorite HG, but not likely to happen. tongue

Big Brother 23: Winner & AFP Predictions
September 29, 2021 Matt Boyer Big Brother 23 Add Your Comment

Final 3 on Big Brother 23

We are just hours away from the winner of Big Brother 23 being revealed by the Jury votes and Julie Chen announcing which of the BB23 HGs will take home the $50,000 Favorite Player prize. Who will snag the crown, the cash, and who will go home disappointed? Let’s take a look at our final predictions for Big Brother.

Just a few days ago I would have said we have only two clear scenarios for the BB23 F2 after Xavier won Round 1 and Azah took Round 2. At that point, both should want to go for the easy win gainst Derek F, right? Right?? Well at least one of them wants that, the other not so much. Maybe.
Final 2 Scenario: Xavier versus Derek F

The leading scenario I’m expecting at tonight’s Big Brother finale is for Xavier to win Round 3, cut Azah, and take Derek on to F2 for the sweeping victory. There’s no need to break out the individual Jury votes. Xavier has this match-up won, hands down.

Perhaps we will see the bitter-Juror vote from Kyland but it won’t matter. Actually, given Kyland’s weepy-eyes DR eviction of Hannah while proclaiming all of DF’s mysteriously unobserved accomplishments I think we could see that attitude again from Kyland as a cover for his for an anyone-but-Xavier vote.

Jury Vote: Xavier wins; worst-case 8-1, should be 9-0
Final 2 Scenario: Azah versus Derek F

The second scenario we should see would be Azah versus Derek F. She’s got a decent chance to win Round 3 against Xavier. She beat him the other week in a duel and this next comp should be mental so his physical strength wouldn’t be an edge in that situation. Then if Azah wins R3 she should cut Xavier. No brainer. Simple and done.

If Azah gets to F2 against Derek she’ll have the argument of multiple comp wins, including a crucial Final HOH where, in this pairing, she cut the biggest threat to her victory with Xavier. Why would anyone in the Jury vote against her at that point? DF’s biggest supporter this season, aside from Frenchie, is already sitting next to him so no vote is coming from her for him. Maybe Kyland for claiming he’s got a bond with DF and maybe, maybe Xavier in the same vein, but even Xavier should want to credit Azah for evicting him in that situation.

Jury Vote: Azah wins; worst-case 7-2, should be 9-0

BUT that might not happen.
Final 2 Scenario: Azah versus Xavier

Azah and Derek F have been feuding over DF’s stupid comments when he should have just kept his mouth shut and been dragged to the end. But he didn’t and now maybe he won’t. Azah is seriously considering taking Xavier to spite Derek. Yes, Azah has expressed feelings that Xavier deserves better than third place even at the cost of her own victory. It hurts my brain.

So say Azah does win R3 and then cuts Derek in favor of bringing Xavier to the end in the style of BB16. Well, then it’s another Xavier victory. The Jury will be stunned by this move and I think they’ll struggle to reward Azah for it especially against such a worthy HG like Xavier.

If Azah cuts DF then he votes for X over Azah. Kyland might still vote for Azah over X because again, Azah isn’t Xavier. But I just don’t see anyone having a strong, justifiable case for Azah over Xavier. The Juror respects the heck out of Xavier and he’ll likely make a solid argument to win over any final uncertainty in their ranks.

Jury Vote: Xavier wins; worst case 7-2, likely 9-0

Overall I see tonight going to Xavier and he’s earned it. He’s had a strong competitive game, a reliable social game, and he’s navigated the season with minimal confrontation aside from Kyland. Xavier wasn’t the best in every department but he is the best all-around and that’ll net him the win for Big Brother 23.

Should Azah win R3 and take DF then she’s definitely earned her victory close in style to BB17. Two very different gameplays between Steve and Azah, so the comparison here is more about the not-as-strong HG pulling off the clutch win over the presumptive winner and making the right cut to secure the crown.

And then what about America’s Favorite Houseguest? Much like last season, I think this is a tough call.
America’s Favorite Houseguest Winner

Last year I had hoped for Da’Vonne to pull off the win but expected Tyler to repeat his AFP victory from BB20, but in the end, Da’Vonne happily surprised me. This year I’m hoping for a repeat of that.

Derek X is crushing our poll for AFP and he’s super popular when I would read comments on our site, on Twitter, and in our Facebook group. So I am expecting him to win AFP, but I really do hope it’s a Tiffany victory.

Tiffany was the keystone of the Cookout, and love their alliance or not, it was wildly successful thanks to her strategy and execution. Then when it got down to the F6 she was the first to go and in recent years the HG payout has been on a graduated scale for the F5. That means Tiffany’s efforts rewarded all of the Cookout but herself. Ouch. She deserves better and I hope she gets AFP but I’m trying to be more realistic and do expect DX to take the $50K prize money here.

AFP prediction: Expecting DX, but hoping for Tiffany


So there we go. The Big Brother 23 finale is tonight on CBS at 9/8c after Survivor 41’s second episode. Join us back here tonight for our live coverage and get more Big Brother with us on Facebook, Twitter, and with our Big Brother App. Don’t forget CBBUS3 starts this January!
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BB winner predictions Empty Re: BB winner predictions

Post  Banjo 2021-09-30, 14:57

No surprises.

Let’s go! It’s time for the Big Brother 23 winner to be revealed in the season finale as the Final 3 Houseguests faced off in the last two competitions to crown the winner of BB23 and unveil America’s votes for the Favorite HG prize money.

There are just three members of the Cookout alliance left in the house with Azah, Derek F, and Xavier. One of them will earn the Jury’s respect, or at least enough votes, to walk away with the largest grand prize the Big Brother series has ever offered at $750,000. But don’t cry for the rest of the cast just yet because second place will take home $75,000 and AFP nets a cool $50,000 which ain’t too bad for a consolation prize!
Big Brother 23 – Final HOH Round 2:

We’ve already got the Round 2 spoilers, but now it’s time to see it play out from Saturday’s competition. Azah and Derek F are facing off here in a timed competition to see who can knock this one out the quickest to earn a seat in Round 3 against Xavier.

HGs have to remember which 4 HGs are the answer to each question and then race to spin the wheels of a massive slot machine to line up the right HG faces. Lots of racing and moving on this one.

Final times: Azah – 13m19s; Derek – 20m22s.

Winner of Round 2: Azah

Big Brother 23 Finale – Jury Round Table

Great session with the Jurors debating the final three houseguests. Jurors are excited to see Kyland there. Lots of debate over whether Derek or Azah deserve to be at F2. Talk turns to Kyland’s claim that DF deserved to stay in the house over Hannah when he says Hannah contributed as much as Derek did for the game. Hah! Come on, Kyland.
Big Brother 23 – Final HOH Round 3:

The first two rounds’ winners will now face off in the live Q&A competition to crown the final Head of Household of BB23. That winner will then cast the final eviction decision of the season to form our Final 2 pair and move forward to face the Jury.

Round 1: Xavier gets one point
Round 2: Both get a point
Round 3: Both get a point
Round 4: Both get a point
Round 5: Both get a point
Round 6: Both get a point
Round 7: Both get a point
Round 8: Both get a point

Winner of Round 3: Xavier

Big Brother 23 – Final Eviction:

One vote is all we have here to decide the last Juror of the season. Which HG falls just short of a chance at the big cash prizes?

Final Evicted HG: Azah

Winner of Big Brother 23 – Jury Votes:

Nine votes between the F2 and the big winner. Time to find out how the Jury voted and who gets the $750K prize! Julie Chen will be revealing the keys and votes as we count down to the magical number of 5 votes needed to crown the winner of BB23.

Britini votes for: Xavier
Derek X votes for: Xavier
Sarah Beth votes for: Xavier
Claire votes for: Xavier
Alyssa votes for: Xavier
That’s enough votes! Xavier wins!
Tiffany votes for: Xavier
Hannah votes for: Xavier
Kyland votes for: Xavier
Azah votes for: Xavier

By a vote of 9-0, Xavier Prather is the winner of Big Brother 23!
Big Brother 23 – America’s Favorite HG:

You’ve been voting all week for the AFP crown. Now it’s time to find out which favorite HG gets the $50,000 bonus cash prize this year.

America’s Favorite Houseguest is… TIFFANY!

The top two contenders for AFP were Tiffany and Derek. Julie says the vote was very, very close, but Tiffany pulled out the win. Congratulations!

What do you think of these results? Did the right HG win the season? What about the final eviction and the Fav HG results? Are you happy with how the season turned out? And don’t forget, there’s more Big Brother coming up sooner than next summer… Celebrity Big Brother is back!
Celebrity Big Brother 3 – Winter 2022 Edition:

Don’t wander off for too long! Big Brother is back this January and February with a new winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother! The house lights are coming back on soon and we’ll be here again with our in-depth coverage with spoilers, results, and daily Feed highlights of everything CBBUS3 has to offer!

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